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L' inspire that is what I go and stand for in life!

When I used to be in kindergarten, I already knew that when I grew up I wanted to make people "better. Unfortunately, the science subjects did not come easily to me so I could not study medicine. However, at that time there was a surplus of physiotherapists and I listened to my parents and decided to choose another profession. I really didn't know and wanted to take a gap year during which I could work and discover myself. My parents did not support this and forced me to choose a course of study, afraid that I would never go back to college. So I studied occupational therapy and I completed the degree as I was supposed to. Right after this study I started working and at the same time I picked up the study Sports massage because I wanted to make people physically better. Not much later I added the study of Foot Reflexotherapy to that. Here I came into contact with the holistic approach and the concept that body and mind could not be separated. I wanted to know more about this and being eager to learn I started to study acupuncture in addition to raising my 2 kids and had my practice in this field for more than 7 years. I specialized in the field of pain, fatigue & burnout and nutrition.

After more than 18 years, I have changed course and said goodbye to my practice. Over the past 5 years, I have built three wonderful other businesses in the events sector, as well as working on a project basis at The M(menial) Factor and Mflix Academy, specializing in the areas of Culture and Leadership and Personal Development, among others. Development = taking the wraps off and that's what I get up with and go to bed with: both for my own personal development & growth and to apply expertise to the people I coach. From probing trainings by Tony Robbins in which my personal mission statement and core values came to life to personal retreats & trainings that reached to the level of regression (including Inner Child Therapy). I first became aware of the activation and influence of old (unprocessed) pains on our body & mind& relationships during Dr. Ingeborg Bosch's relationship intensive week with her PRI therapy ( past-reality integration therapy). A true transformation in my life and not only mine but everyone there: one of the participants was a 73-year-old psychiatrist who described it as his most valuable week in his personal transformation. I'd love to tell you more about it live.

Both my curiosity and eagerness to learn as well as the rocks on my path made me enrich myself 3 years ago with the training to become a Breathwork coach and the training to become a Mirror Coach*.
*(helping the other person in their development and growth by making them aware that what you see in another person -positive or negative- is a reflection of yourself. From here it becomes clear which hidden qualities you have or can further develop or which things you can work on yourself because you notice them negatively in the other person.)

During the training to become a Breathwork coach I experienced how through the connected breathing you temporarily put your conscious mind on a lower level so that your emotional brain will make contact with your body (the unconscious). In every cell of our body are our memories and negative memories and traumas stored as fixed energy. A dog shakes itself free of, for example, an attack by another dog which causes the tension to flow away and proceeds to the order of the day. A human, on the other hand, has a ratio (ego) & lives in a world of performance and lives by the motto "not right now or no time" for discharge. We are often cut off from our feelings and out of connection; we have become "head people.

During a breathwork session the body is given the opportunity to discharge this stuck energy through emotions, movements and sound. Disappearing physical complaints, coming to deep insights and a calm(er) mind are the result.

From moment 1 that I experienced the power of Breathwork I not only knew it, I felt it in all my cells of my body that I could make people "better" with this form of therapy. My soul mission was completely clear:

"Helping people on their path to awareness & healing through their own self-healing capacity & (unconscious) mind. By now I have been able to guide many people on their own spiritual development path.

My own experience with psychedelics

Working with psychedelics is a nice parallel. One of the floors of the Breathwork coach training was experiencing the magic truffle. And whether the truffle is magic! A good preparation by reading up on yourself & feeding your body well & having your intentions clear are aspects you should not underestimate! I experienced this first hand with an ayahuasca session several years ago, in which I wanted a 'quick fix' for my problem and went in unprepared. At that time I also had a thingy with letting go of control & surrender. This was followed by a session with BUFO, wow! In this I could not help but let go of control. A fantastic experience of coming back into the world followed.

After the first truffle session, several more followed (including a period of microdosing) the last of which was a personal session with Marcel and it was even deeper and more healing! I was able to embrace a big rock that could not be done with my own mind or during coaching. I was also able to connect deeply with my true self, open my heart completely and feel my inner fire burning like never before. It is very important how the truffle is prepared and consumed. At Trip Therapy, we prepare a fantastic recipe for you: tasty & vomiting is practically non-existent. The talk therapy during the first phase of the session, the safe setting and the integration afterwards contribute to you getting the most out of your session. And that's what we are there for as trip sitters.


My specialty is in the areas of trauma processing, personal leadership & relationships. The experiences in the first 7 years of your life strongly determine how you will think about yourself, how you will experience the outside world and how you will react in situations. Your upbringing and the environment in which you grow up ensure that the blank page you were described with a number of deeply ingrained beliefs about yourself and rules which (according to your parents and environment) are the only correct ones to follow. For many people, this picks up later in life and creates inner conflicts & relational problems.

Most people would rather choose known pain than unknown happiness! Will you then cheat with yourself by continuing to follow the other person's path or will you continue to fight against your own shadow? Or will you consciously choose to take your own path, see the rocks in your path as a gift and reconnect with your true Self? In other words: do you live mainly in the comfort or fear zone or will you really embark on your personal development journey to arrive at the place where the magic happens?

The quotes below have helped me & my clients transform greatly:

  • Blaming someone else is one of the best ways to stay stuck with your problem
  • If you're looking for that person who can change your life, look in the mirror
  • Vulnerability begins with the courage to dare to look in the mirror
  • I don't look away from my fear but I look at him
  • I achieve inner peace by looking at the past with gratitude
  • When I look at things differently, the things I look at change
  • Irritations to the other are parts of my shadow that I don't want to acknowledge
  • By doing, you make the impossible possible

My approach

I like to guide you with the tools I have in my toolbox. Every person is unique and every issue therefore slightly different, I feel what you need. After your registration, Marcel will make a personal plan of approach based on the information you entered in the digital intake. Through his in-depth knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry, he will determine whether you are missing certain substances and, if necessary, you will receive advice on lifestyle factors (nutrition, sleep and biorhythm, stress and relaxation, exercise, mindfulness, behavior and habits) and additional supplements. All this to get the maximum results from your magic truffle session.

As a trip facilitator, I offer guidance before, during and after the psychedelic session. The beginning of the trip session resembles talk therapy. After the ingestion, we will communicate less and less and eventually leave the words for what they are; after all, it's all about the experience. Before the session starts we will make consent agreements (where do you want my presence, what do you find important and what do you like and what do you not like). Everything to offer you a trusted, safe and comfortable environment so you can fully surrender to this beautiful process and get the most out of your journey. I make use of music and essential oils to bring you into a deeper state of surrender and to trigger where possible so that you come closer to your intention. During a personal session it is possible to bring in a number of songs that are important to you. I will play these for you in the final phase of your journey. During the sobering up, we gently come back into conversation (if you feel the need). Sometimes the meaning of your psychedelic experience can already be clear to you during this conversation, but sometimes not yet and the penny will drop later. Know that there is a time and a place for everything. I look forward to accompanying you on an unforgettable developmental/spiritual journey.

Reviews about Linda

Often client reviews give a better idea of how others perceive Linda as a trip counselor. Therefore, if interested, please read a few reviews to use multiple opinions to get your own idea about Linda.

Read all reviews about Linda during trip therapy sessions here


You can contact me at the email address linda@ triptherapie.nl

Booking a session with Linda at your location

Ik werk op de locatie van de klant. Ik kan dus naar jouw (eigen) woning, Airbnb, hotel of vakantiehuis komen. Om de werkdruk voor mij wat te verlagen rij ik bij voorkeur niet meer dan 45 minuten per enkele reis vanaf mijn woonadres in Amsterdam EN rij ik graag buiten de spitstijden om. Ik kijk dan samen met jou naar de meest geschikte starttijd van de sessie. Over het algemeen is mijn werkgebied het volgende:

  • North Holland ( under the line Hoorn, Heerhugowaard, Alkmaar)
  • South Holland (above the line Leiden, Gouda)
  • Utrecht (above the line Utrecht, Amersfoort)
  • Flevoland (below the Dronten line).

Valt jouw locatie (net)buiten dit werkgebied? Stuur mij dan een mailtje op linda@triptherapie.nl dan bekijk ik met jou wat de mogelijkheden zijn.

Outlined in black is Linda's work area.

At to sessions, the fees below will be charged in arrears.

  • travel expenses at 50 cents per kilometer driven from zip code 1096
  • possible parking costs
  • Do you live further than the above distance and you would still like Linda to come to your location? Then you can always contact Linda via email to discuss the possibilities. There is a travel time compensation of € 15 euro per 15 minutes above 1.5 hours travel time in total (there and back) calculated via the fastest route. Another option is to book an Airbnb or hotel within the working area.

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