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From reviews we can learn and improve our services or we can enjoy them immensely. Especially with our trip therapy, we are treated to great results a lot. Everyone who writes a review we would like to thank again. Some new clients read the reviews first and then are strengthened in their path to choose for example a truffle ceremony or psychedelic therapy. But we also feel strengthened to continue with this beautiful work!

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"Yes very special experience had, by now I also wake up a lot less grumpy, am generally more cheerful in my thinking and sleep until the alarm clock these days! It even goes so well that hope has put an end to the already 5-year treatment I was receiving from them. It is really stunning what effect this therepie has had!"

Not everyone writes a review

Although anyone may write a review without obligation, there is a large group of people who prefer not to. This is still for privacy reasons and we understand that. For anyone not writing a review, we recommend writing something down for themselves. That way something can always be read back from the psychedelic session.

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The most beautiful results?

It's hard to choose the most beautiful result. Actually, any kind of personal growth is a super beautiful result. Personally, I get the most satisfaction from reports that clients have been declared cured after only 1 or 2 sessions with us while mainstream care has not offered a solution for years. Help with addiction is also a beautiful thing. All in all, these are my favorites.

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