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Doctor Strange and psychedelic healing

Dr Strange

Dr. Strange psychedelic scene

Yesterday I guided a returning client who had tried ayahuasca after an introductory low-dose psilocybin session. After the ayahuasca ceremony, this customer wanted to try psiloflora and then the extended version with more plants working together for a deeper experience. During the psiloflora session there were many impressions and a lot happened. The scene below was similar to what happened during the peak of the session.

Psilocybin or LSD in tea?

It feels like some healing has happened

During this psiloflora session, this person felt that some healing had occurred while pointing to the head. What exactly it meant could not be explained in words. It often happens that psychedelic sessions and the experience cannot be put into words and that is not necessary. As soon as we start attaching words to it, it loses information because words are then just frames with a limited meaning.

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Then what is the cure?

Physical changes in the brain due to psychedelic sessions can be measured. Neuroplasticity increases due to the increased stimulation of new nerve connections. These new connections ensure a changing stimulus conduction, allowing old patterns and negative circular thinking to be broken.

hyperconnectivity -Doctor Strange and psychedelic healing
On the right the schematic extra connection of the brain due to psilocybin

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Psychedelics can have a healing effect in various ways, because they trigger multiple psychological and biochemical processes. The increased degree of neuroplasticity is partly caused by BDNF, which is released by the 5HT2a receptor stimulation of psychedelics.

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The stress-reducing effect of psychedelic sessions has a positive effect on BDNF and overall health in the long term. Stress reduction is currently attributed to the fact that the Default Mode Network (DMN), which deals with the past and the future, is put on the back burner. Less fear of what is to come ensures less cortisol and more self-healing capacity of the body.

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