Next our location in Schiedam we also offer our services at the customer's location. Due to legislation, we can currently only offer our services in the Netherlands. We make home visits in the Netherlands to residential addresses, hotels, Airbnb locations and holiday homes. Our trip guides all have a different area of work and it is therefore advisable to see who works where. If you live outside the working area of a supervisor, you can choose to rent a space near your desired supervisor.

Travel time per supervisor

The maximum travel distance per companion for a single trip is a maximum of 45 minutes and the compensation for the kilometers driven is 50 cents per kilometer driven. As an exception, only Marcel uses a longer maximum travel distance. If a desired supervisor lives too far away, you can also consider renting accommodation close to this person.

GuideMax. Travel durationFrom zip code
Marcel120 minutes2211 BM Noordwijkerhout
Janneke45 minutes3137RL Vlaardingen
Loes45 minutes5691 RK
Son and Breugel
Ronald45 minutes5554 SH
Gijs45 minutes5231 EC Den Bosch
Sascha60 minutes1404 HC Bussum

The availability per supervisor

The calendars below show the available days per supervisor. Before you proceed with reserving a date, you must first complete the intake so that we can screen you for safety. We can also recommend what kind of psychedelic session would suit you.













Better overview

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