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Psilocybin session in Schiedam on August 26, 2023

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I recently took part in a truffle ceremony in Schiedam in the hope of making progress in my life-long struggle against depression and anxiety. Although the former has always been relatively mild, the latter is acute and has caused me plenty of disruption and suffering all my life.

A few weeks prior to the ceremony, I stopped taking my medication (paroxetine), following the my doctor’s instructions. As a result, in the days prior the ceremony, depression/anxiety symptoms had returned. Now, a week later, I can clearly see significant improvements (substantial enough for me to rule out mere placebo effect). As far as the depression is concerned, I still feel some melancholy at certain times of the day, but I am OK most of the time, which is a great relief. The most noticeable change, though, was in the anxiety symptoms. Mos of them persist, but to a much lesser degree. A few disappeared completely. I am also sleeping remarkably better.

I can hardly overstate my gratitude to Marcel and Janneke, whose professionalism and kind support highly impressed me. Also impressive was the setting of the ceremony. Every single detail is carefully planned to create an amazing, meaningful experience.

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Marcel van der Putten
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Hi Alexandre,

It was nice to a part of your psychedelic ceremony! It's even better to read that you've made some progress! I know psilocybin trips can be challenging for people in your position, but you did very good job and it was even enjoayable for you.

Thanks for your nice words and feel free to come back when you think you need another round! Wishing you the best!