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My psychedelic session with Linda at Watervilla Excellent Amsterdam

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Dear Linda,  

I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me in my first ever journey into psychedelic experience. I was determined to go through with it but, after first few gulps of the wonderfully tasteful concoction, my mind went into the questioning mood and I started to feel certain apprehension. You felt that and you helped me to overcome it - not by insisting on the ‘journey’ but by giving me a free choice to continue, to withdraw or to adjust the dosage. At the time, the options you presented felt as something totally ‘normal’ but today I realize the choice you gave me at the very last moment was very important for my acceptance of the journey and going through with it; I have to say I was surprised by the resistance I felt to continue the engagement; by my mind’s tricks to stop me from digesting the jus, by its insistence to remain in control. You helped me to overcome it and you have been at my side during the entire experience which was more important that I could have imagined. 

The trip itself was not a jolly ride – it was difficult (control!) and sometimes very painful; although most of the time your presence besides me was very discreet, you did know when to come close and hold me in your arms. I cannot express how important that has been and how grateful I am for your presence, attunement, and guidance. The music you have played was very important as well – only now I understand its importance and am glad I have chosen to go through it under your guidance. Although I can’t fully assess the impact of the essential oils on my experience I am glad you were there with your ‘arsenal’ to help me and to hold my hand; the fruity meal at the end was a blessing and the whole setting at the Watervilla Excellent was simply – excellent J .  

It is almost 3 months since my experience – although the initial excitement (‘afterglow’ ?) is no longer there I still feel a positive change in me and my family & friends, those ‘in the know’, are still astonished by the impact one single event has had on me.  

I am very glad I have made the decision to try the truffles and I am very grateful you have been at my side during the experience. THANK YOU,