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Review: Heart Focused Open Truffle Ceremony

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This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I absolutely recommend doing an open truffle ceremony as there's something almost indefinable about being able to share the experience with others. 

Leading up to the session, I chose to share what I was doing and why with my burnout therapists, friends and family. I actively worked on my (mind)set knowing Marcel, Loes, and Linda would have the setting under control.

During my intake I questioned Marcel's advise for dosing to Level 3 as I really wanted to break down my ego as part of my ongoing trauma therapy. Turns out, he was right and I was overly enthusiastic.

I am happy to share that through the careful preparation and guidance, I was able to realise every intention I set out for myself within the three doses. 

From completely losing my sense of self awareness, to focused vibrations in places I hold stress and an overwhelming sense of calm throughout my trip, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

I strongly believe that using psychedelics in combination with the pre and post integration therapy I have/am doing will forever improve my life.

The sense of care and the calmness provided in the Psychedelic Loft is not to be missed out on.

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It was nice to have you during the open group truffle ceremony! Loes and Linda are great colleagues! They did most of the support during this ceremony.

You can let us know when you need an integration call. Feel free to contact me.