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MDMA Therapie with Roland

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I had my MDMA therapy session with Roland a couple of days ago and am really happy about the whole experience. My decision for booking the trip was super spontaneous and intuitive. I usually plan things out in advance and tend to overthink, but this decision I basically made overnight. I only had about a week for preparation (incl. ordering supplements, booking accommodations, doing some mental and emotional preparation and create space in my calendar to wind down) and felt like it was enough time. Thanks to the kind help and very useful information and reading material that was provided beforehand by Roland and Janneke I was really well prepared for the trip and knew what I was going to expect and it also helped me understand the therapeutic method quiet well. I did not go in with a lot of expectations, but believed that it could have the potential of being a painful and almost cathartic experience. It proved to be quite the opposite. The medicine kicked in after 30 minutes and I was on my trip for about 5 hours before Roland brought me back and we did a recap and interpretation of what has happened. I won’t go into the details because I believe everyone should make their own experience, but it was quite peaceful and healing. As a result of this session I got a deeper understanding of the complexity of my trauma and how it effects me to this day. I also took away a useful tool to get in touch with the wounded inner child and hope I can stay mindful, compassionate and disciplined enough to integrate the learned techniques into my everyday life. 


Thanks again to the Triptherapie team for offering such important services and helping people on their way to find inner peace. <3