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Life changing experience with Sascha

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I have been fighting my own demons for many years, in the process I have tried countless therapies, counselling, medication, you name it...sometimes they would help for a while, other times they were just a waste of time and money. After months of considering whether I should give this a go I pulled the plug and did it, not a thought of regret!!!

It's been 4 weeks since my MDMA therapy with Sascha and although the integration is still work in progress I can confidently say my life has changed, I no longer see myself as a broken human that needs fixing o needs changing but as me!

Sascha was an incredible guide before, during and after my experience, super professional but also honest and so human. I felt so comfortable and safe with her, I was able to let go and just go with the flow (I don't often do that!).  I will be happily continuing my personal development journey with Sascha's support, she is amazing!!! Next session is already in the planning!

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