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2 x Truffle ceremony with Marcel as a depression treatment and against my anxiety

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I tripped with Marcel twice in the past couple of weeks. I have been suffering from clinical depression and anxiety for the past 6 years , ever since I got bullied by some male coworkers. So, I had serious paranoia about using psychedelics as well as tripping with a strange male trip sitter in Amsterdam (as I had gotten really shocked and afraid because of my previous experiences with strange men while abroad). Marcel got in touch as soon I texted him inquiring about trip sitting for my depression, and kept in touch with suggestions about supplements to use before tripping etc. We had tentatively figured out a date for the trip as well , and he had been super patient with my fears and concerns about doing it. Except for one thing - even though he tried to encourage me , the day before my trip , I had a major panic attack about what I was doing , cancelled my appointment and simply left town. He still didn’t get mad at me, or annoyed , or complain that I wasted a day for him or that he might have lost money etc. He followed up within a week or more to ask how I was doing. I was still contemplating what to do (as my depression has really been long running at this point) and then decided again to try it, preparing for all the things that could go wrong in my head.

Anyway, this time I made an appointment with him again - and managed to keep it in spite of my panic. He ended up being a super sweet and patient guy , and tried to settle my fears. I felt totally safe and comfortable, and it ended up being a really fun trip and a great first experience. His tea was pretty good and just relaxed me ( which is pretty much what I needed ). My anxiety has dropped by over half ever since that trip, so seems like truffles definitely helps with calming you down. My depression symptoms are still around, which is why I decided to do a second trip within a week, but for whatever reason that trip didn’t go as well for me. Marcel had asked me to wait for a couple weeks himself. I also didn’t use his tea for this one - just the truffles. I had spoken to other trip sitters, who said the gap didn’t matter so much , because of which I proceeded. I have just learned that many users can have a dip in mood for a week or two after the use of psychedelics, and I have a feeling that must have been the case with me as well. So I think I should have waited until I was in a better frame of mind. My only issue was that I wish he had been a bit more aware that some people might feel a dip in mood after a trip and there are supplements that can help with that. But I think perhaps no one trips as close together, so maybe it doesn’t affect others as much. However, he respected my boundaries even while I was having not as good a trip. His emergency sugar drink helped end it sooner. He also drove me back home so I wasn’t wandering around in public transport feeling not so great. I felt totally safe during my trips and knew he could be relied upon.

So, I pretty much chose to trip with Marcel because he was patient, understanding and a caring and trustworthy person - he handled the situation well even when I went off the rails a bit. That really reassured me and mattered a lot to me. Plus, I truly appreciated that he didn’t judge me for my paranoia and understood my hesitations about being around a male trip sitter after my traumatic experience. He tried to , in his own way I think, make me a bit more comfortable around strange men again and I do appreciate that. I only think that he should also focus on post-trip supplements as much as pre-trip ones ! But I would trip with him again, and definitely use his tea over just plain truffles !

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Thanks for your trust and choosing me as your male tripsitter and tripcoach. I knew that you had some problems with that and it all worked out in the end. And everybody feels something different after a trip and what I have seen with using truffles therapy against a depression is that waiting at least 2 weeks is the minimum, but waiting a month is even better.

Normally I tell my clients to eat healthy after the trip to restore energy and the mood. I recommend magnesium-, fibre and tryptophan rich food. Haven't I repeated that a few times? And please consider my advice about sleep, food, excersizing, dancing and letting things go to relax.

I hope that you can see now that your mood is now all in your own hands by choosing the right lifestyle and to relax some more.

Wishing you all the best

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Hey natasha so cool of you that you are sharing your story so honestly, many people could not do that im sure.

I am not an expert but i could tell from your story that you wanted all the results right after your first trip, i think its not just the trips that do the work for you, its a kickstarter to allow some new ideas in your mind and then the process will slowly start. 

I am seeing marcel now for 3 months and i am also a work in progress. 

Improvement means change and sometimes change means you are feeling bad because people can be afraid or uncomfortable of the change, let your feelings be free and dont judge yourself if you feel bad. 

Trust me you will notice the differences after some good trips.

Also it will be alot better after you get to know marcel a bit more and you will feel more comfortable around him and then your trips will be alot better aswel im sure

I speak from my own experience.

 goodluck with everything 🙂