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Thank you note after the open group truffle ceremony

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I'm sending this message to express gratitude, the best that I can. I'm grateful for both of you, that took care of us during the ceremony and throughout our journeys and trips. You both did an amazing job, and my heart goes out specially to Marcel, who was there throughtout the most difficult parts of the trip.


I'm not sure of what to share exactly, I feel I could write a thousand little stories about everything that happened, inside and out, mind and emotions, hopes and fears, not trusting and paranoia, a thousand lives and all the people I felt I was during that trip. The child, the old Lady, the addict, the begger, the death, the abuser and the abused. As well all the feminine archetypes I felt coming to the surface in some moments, from the little girl that puts her shoes for the first time to go out, to the old lady that, when is out, realizes she cannot see without her glasses.

From learning how to live, "how can I fill my cup with water without having someone always doing it for me" , teach me how to do it, a spiritual teaching perhaps. To learning how to die, with a sense of being death itself and feeling an enormous respect, but not wanting to die because the love and human touch would disappear if I would let myself go into that unknown slumber.


To the several rebirths. The seeing the lights in the dark room, the coming back to life in a way, the new opportunity to belong or being among people, more connected, to themselves and others. To want to be part of a family somehow, preparing food with love and simultaneously feeling the sadness because someone is not there. Realizing I might have being living all my life without the bridges that reach to other people, and not being able to create them unless someone else creates it first.


Being curious and puzzled on how can I do it in present life, beginning with myself, creating the bridges and remembering every lesson offered by the trip and the support and words of Marcel, Fati Karel and Claude.


An huge thank you.

An even bigger hug.

We'll see each other in the future for whatever lessons may need to be embraced. 🙏💜