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Tree trip with Marcel 🌳

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I was in Amsterdam for weekend and I decided to seize the opportunity to check out what actually is a guided trip.
My previous experience with mushrooms was party/fun oriented but I had a deep feeling that there’s so much more that psychedelics can offer.
I’ve contacted Triptherapie via WhatsApp and very quickly made some arrangements. All the questions I’ve asked were answered thoroughly and faster than I knew I was marching with a stranger to take drugs in a nature setting 😂
I was guided by Marcel on a mild 2-3 level trip and my intention for that trip was to spend time with myself and be there just for me. 
Beginning of my trip was very visual and my main focus was on a beautiful, psychedelic tree I was laying under. It was really an amazing tree! But Marcel was able to help me to direct my thoughts inwards.
I felt safe and taken care of. I felt like a little paper boat on calm waters and the trip sitter was making gentle waves next to me to guide me to my realisations. 
I was filled with gratefulness, love, relief and forgiveness for my own doings and those feelings are still present with me.
The only thing I would change is better preparation from my side - I am more than sure that if I’d focused on meditation, setting specific intention and diet/supplements my experience would be even deeper.
I would like to thank Triptherapie and Marcel for new perspectives, drinkable honey mushroom tea, your wisdom and the cucumber trick for nausea.
I am certain that this experience was a first step towards my new, more aware and significant life and I highly recommend everyone to try mushrooms with Marcel 🍄 
Can’t wait for next trip or a retreat!
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Marcel van der Putten
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Hi Ula,

Thanks for writing this review about me as a trip sitter. We didn't had that much time to make a plan as you texted me a day before the trip. But in the end it was all good.

The mushroom tea you wrote about is a magic truffle tea but truffles and mushrooms are basically the same 🙂

The tree..... hmmm. The tree was a real distraction. It took me a long time to get you focussed on the inward yourney but it worked out in the end.

Thank you for having me as your guide during your psychedelic trip!

Edit: Ula agreed to post our pictures... You look so happy, Ula!