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High dose psilocybin journey with Linda - words fail me (o:

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I have had recurrent bouts of depression and anxiety since my early 30's.  I have had lots of talking therapy, read a lot, done a lot of short courses, I do a ton of yoga (and I did yoga teacher training), I meditate, and I did an ayahuasca retreat.  But nothing in this list comes close to the effect of my single high-dose journey with Linda.

I felt stuck, unable to find my way forward, full of fear and doubt, lacking in confidence...hope almost completely gone for living any kind of life.  So I knew that I needed help and fast.  I started microdosing with truffles but then I read that in fact, a macrodose seems to have a better result in reaching stuck stuff.  And so I reached out to Marcel and completed the intake form.  He was so kind and supportive helping in every way he could so that I could afford to take a journey with them.  Eventually, I settled on doing a high dose with Linda at my hotel.  

Linda and I chatted prior to the session so that I could feel her energy and be sure that I would feel safe in her hands.  I felt this pretty much immediately and confirmed the date for my journey with her.  I received some preparatory emails leading up to my journey which covered things such as diet, supplements, exercise etc, and Linda shared with me a podcast about surrendering which was also very helpful.  In fact, I read everything I could find to prepare myself.  But at a point, I knew that I just had to trust Linda, trust the medicine, trust my body....and go with the flow.

Everything on the day was absolutely perfect - even the awfully loud fire alarm test that went off right in the middle of my journey! Linda and I had a laugh about that! (o;  I don't have a clear memory of every moment of my journey and it's quite difficult or even impossible to describe it but I will try.  My journey wasn't visual, it was emotion-releasing and healing.  I spent the first half moving around a lot, trembling/shaking, tossing and turning nearly falling off the bed a few times I believe!  The second half was like my heart cracked open and I was able to REALLY grieve very deeply for the trauma from my childhood.  I cried like I have never cried before, it was very intense but also beautiful.  I wasn't scared.  I just allowed it all to come out.  I remember laughing a lot at times too.  And there was at least one moment I remember seeing the beauty of this earth without all my 'layers' and I either said out loud or internally, "Ohhhhhhh, wowwwwwww, OK, I get it now!".  I could feel my joy that's within Verwijderde link   It was wonderful and so encouraging.

Linda was just perfect.  Her energy, her kindness, the mother in her, her selflessness, her heart, her love, her sweetness...I feel so blessed to have had her facilitate my first therapeutic journey!  I felt incredibly safe, unashamed, open to be free to express and do what I needed to do in my journey.  Linda was 'there' but also 'not there'.  I could feel her beautiful presence and occasionally I would catch a smile or a glance, giving me encouragement and support.  I remember thinking (hahaha well perhaps not thinking at least not clearly!) about what a big responsibility it is to facilitate someone on their journey.  I believe that they are literally healing humanity, one person at a time. I had and still have such enormous gratitude for Linda and for Marcel.  

I want to yell from the rooftops that everyone should do this at least once in their life!  It is so powerful and can reach places within you that are very difficult to reach in other ways, and it's 100% natural!  Don't hesitate - help yourself and do it!

Bedankt uit de grond van mijn nu wijd open hart Linda en Marcel! Ik zal me mijn eerste reis altijd herinneren, maar ik weet zelfs nu al dat het niet mijn laatste zal zijn!  (((((((o: