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High psilocybin dose trip was amazing!

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Don't know what a heroic dose would do but the high dose gave me an amazing experience - could not ask for more.

A very short summary of my personal experience...I was in a "space" where time was irrelevant, no space, just bliss, light as a feather, nowhere. Only the power of love. I was nobody and everybody, I felt connected to everything (people, earth, other universes, other civilizations). Everything was growing out of the power of love (single cells to entire universes) and everything was dying) - without dying as the power of love was so strong. Each time I died (as a different person, cosmos, civilization, etc) I was rebirthed. Surprisingly, the laughs were associated with each death - as I knew that the source of creation is love, and love cannot die - I found it really funny - someone tries to kill something that cannot die. Each time there was peace, harmony, wholeness and I believe that this is our purpose - to become whole within. I feel/felt that we have the power within us to become divine, heal ourselves, our planet, live in harmony with everybody and everything.

Linda, thanks for your guidance and support. You are very kind and thoughtful - thanks for the fruit and salad.

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