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A very powerful way to a become a happier human being

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The therapy was amazing. The important part is to have a goal to reach and be ready to accept whatever (memories, emotions, ideas) comes.
Both before and in the session, Ronald gave good and useful directions, doing it clearly and gently at the same time. He is fluent in English, so I had zero issues communicating.

The altered state lasted ~4 hours for me. Ronald mentioned that it would be and should be more of inner work rather than conversation, and I am happy that I tried. At some points I "woke up" from inner work, and then Ronald would be actively there for me, giving his attention, letting me express my thoughts, doubts and feelings, and planting seeds for current and future healing.

Thanks to the session, I made a great advance in healing a long-lasting childhood traumatic experience; and finding myself. For several weeks afterwards, I was processing the findings from the session, and even made new ones, discovering myself and having a different angle at my past. It felt like a therapy, but more intense one: with all the pain, insights and relief.

My advices would be to learn at least a bit of self-acceptance, identifying, accepting and naming own emotions before going into the session. And to wear warm clothes, so that the temperature doesn't bother you in the process. Have some liquid to drink.

If you feel stuck, if you are in a therapy and can't make a progress, if you are ready for the change, but still blocked somehow and don't want to wait years to become happy again, I recommend you to try a MDMA-assisted session with Ronald. I do wish that this form of therapy had a much wider spread.

The only uncertainty I had was to when would I reserve a place to conduct the therapy. For people, not living in NL, it is a crucial part in planning their session.

Thanks you Ronald and Triptherapie, for offering such an effective healing, and being good at it. ❤️