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Mdma Session with Ronald

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I want to keep it short as many people have already talked in detail about their session.

Ronald’s very gentle approach, his help with preparing the session, guiding me into it and especially his capacity to be available without interfering were exactly what I needed.

As I had no experience with drugs I didn’t know what to expect. My ifs therapist recommended that I tried MDMA. I’ve been working with her for two years on a weekly basis and she has helped me a lot as I was very suicidal when I started working with her. Yet it was very difficult to work with some core wounds. The mdma session with Ronald allowed me to finally access the understanding and compassion these very young parts of me so desperately needed. Even with the help of my very skilled therapist I could never before experience this.

I feel it might be too early to write a review as on the one hand it feels like there has been a huge internal shift and on the other hand it’s still going on and things are moving in a very positive direction.

Feeling very grateful, I just want to end with “thank you so much”!