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Review LSD trip with Marcel

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In a very abstract way, I was confronted with past and present fears, repressed feelings, questions and doubts. They manifested themselves in various situations, sounds, visuals and strong emotional reactions. As soon as I cleared my throat or took a deep breath, these negative feelings dissolved. I felt this release most clearly when I cried. Even though I can't put my finger on why I cried, it was the greatest relief. It felt like tears that had been building up for years that I had never cried before. All in all, it felt as if all my questions and doubts were dissolving into thin air and as if I was experiencing the only truth. However, I did not get a concrete answer. Rather, it felt like I was seeing my psyche from a different, more objective perspective and recognizing the triviality of my worries.

While at first I still felt my body, with every release a part of my body detached itself and became part of something else. Finally, my whole body detached from reality and I felt that I was connecting with an out-of-body entity. As my energy flowed into it, I received back an even stronger energy. There was no me anymore, only this beautiful music, colors and patterns. Everything was connected, everything was one. I also perceived a different sense of time, I saw the complexity and connectedness of everything. I was so overwhelmed by all of it, by the bright light, the inner peace, freedom, security and the beauty of this feeling, that I cried tears of joy. I have never felt such power of truth and connection and I am very grateful for experiencing it.

I felt an inner peace and satisfaction afterwards and didn't think about my worries. The fact that I experienced something like this, although I am not a spiritual person at all, will inevitably have a positive effect on my life. 

I really appreciate your time and efforts and thank you again for this wonderful and unique experience!

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