Truffle ceremony

Participate in an open truffle ceremony, create your own group or book an individual truffle ceremony.
Opt for a therapeutic or spiritual truffle ceremony with themes such as healing, addiction issues, personal growth or creativity.

The magical truffle ceremony

Truffle ceremonies involve taking the psychedelic drug psilocybin to achieve a different state of consciousness. During such a ceremony, you are accompanied by skilled and experienced personnel. Additional features of the truffle ceremony are the music, the aromas, and other extras we put in.

Truffle ceremonies can be done individually, in private groups, or in open group settings. Of course, each of these options has its own benefits.

Other names for magic truffle ceremonies are magic mushroom ceremony and psilocybin ceremony .

Dosages of psychedelics

Open truffle ceremony

Open group truffle ceremonies are open to anyone medically able to participate in a truffle ceremony.

The size of the groups for psychedelic ceremonies is a maximum of 7 people. These ceremonies are perfect for getting to know new people, but especially your subconscious self.

For those who want to do a Truffle ceremony for therapeutic effects, we recommend trip therapy. Trip therapy is an individual psychedelic session with personal preparation with a focus on overall health. Read more about trip therapy at the link or view our available open psychedelic ceremonies below.

Trip therapy information

Our locations

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam

The Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam is a beautiful space for psychedelic therapy and for spiritual journeys. The space can accommodate 1-6 people.

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam

At your location

Thanks to our on-site service, you can also suggest a space yourself. We also come to your home, hotel, Airbnb or vacation home in the Netherlands. So you can always choose a location that suits you.

On Location

Customer Reviews


Trip therapy
against depression

It is really literally a journey, first it slowly became harder and harder to formulate thoughts, then it became harder to come up with words and finally I got in touch with my subconscious. The genius is that your subconscious knows where your difficulties and wounds are, where attention needs to be paid and where healing needs to take place.

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ego death

I'm an atheist, but grew up very religious, this was the experience I'd been craving for a while since leaving my faith. It was the transcendence without the dogma. It was the numinous without the pulpit. In fact it was even beyond that... at one point I felt that I hadn't just met god (I'm still an atheist but it's the best word to describe what it felt like) but I became god. I was the universe, I became Vishnu the Hindu god of creation and Brahma at the same time.

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Truffle ceremony
against addiction

The trip was my most euphoric and visual trip I have ever experienced, I needed that for a moment say what a relief.
The conversation after the trip with Marcel influenced me very positively the days after.
I was drinking alcohol every day after work and for the past 4 years I have been depositing pretty much all my money in online casinos.
I don't have the urge to drink and gamble anymore now, also have a bit of a feeling that I am letting down the universe if I start again.

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Psychedelische sessie in Amsterdam

Watervilla Inspire en Excellent zijn momenteel gesloten Onze locaties in Amsterdam zijn momenteel gesloten. We bieden nog wel sessies aan in Amsterdam en je kunt nog steeds gebruik maken van onze diensten als je zelf in Amsterdam woont of een hotel of Airbnb huurt. Onze tripbegeleider Linda woont in Amsterdam en als je een sessie met haar doet in Amsterdam dan betaal je weinig of zelfs geen reiskosten. Bekijk onderaan de hotelsuggesties voor Amsterdam. Lees hier meer over Linda Werkg…

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Wat is Rapé? Rapé is een tabaksnuif die steed bekender wordt. Rapé wordt door sommige indianenstammen in Zuid-Amerika gebruikt als spiritueel middel omdat ze geloven dat het hen kan helpen bij het verbinden met de spirituele wereld en het verhogen van hun bewustzijn. Het wordt ook gezien als een middel om de geest te reinigen en te concentreren, waardoor men dichter bij zichzelf en hun geloof kunnen komen. Het gebruik van Rapé kan ook een symbolische betekenis hebben en een rol spelen in ritu…

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Psychedelics and the Default Mode Network (DMN)

Het default mode Network Het Default Mode Network (DMN) omvat hersengebieden in de cortex die normaal gesproken actief zijn tijdens rust en is betrokken bij herinneren van gebeurtenissen, sociale en emotionele oordeelsvorming en toekomstplanning. Het DMN wordt vaak beschouwd als het tegenovergestelde van het ‘taakgeoriënteerde’ netwerk, dat actief is tijdens cognitieve taken en opdrachten.De DMN is een van de eerste hersennetwerken die werden geïdentificeerd met behulp van functional Magnetic…

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Spiritual truffle ceremony

De truffel ceremonie Een truffel ceremonie is een ceremonie waarbij magische truffels met psilocybine (Psilocine) worden gebruikt als een sacrament of spiritueel hulpmiddel. De truffel ceremonie wordt vaak geleid door een ervaren begeleider of ceremoniemeester die de deelnemers begeleidt door de ervaring en hen helpt om de meest waardevolle inzichten te verkrijgen. De meeste inzichten worden vergaard indien iedereen de rust vindt om naar binnen te keren. Geen truffel ceremonie is hetzelfde…

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MDMA session as therapy

The return of MDMA as a therapeutic agent MDMA is back with a vengeance when it comes to its therapeutic potential. Alongside LSD and psilocybin, MDMA has been pushed into the background for years by being labeled as an illegal and dangerous drug. Renewed research is ensuring that these drugs are getting the proper attention again and can once again be used as therapeutic agents during psychedelic assisted therapy (PAT). The video below explains the hist...

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Magic truffles at work on Slam FM

Risk video series At Slam FM, a series of videos are produced to expose the risks of certain things. For the broadcast "Truffles at Work," Slam hired us to prepare Max for an unusual day at work. In his experience, he will be microdosing with truffles while he later gets to give a presentation to Slam FM's management. What Max does not know is that he is not getting microdosed but at least 3 times more than a microdose. We took this approach g...

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Open truffle ceremonies in 2023

Truffle ceremonies on different dates in 2023 The following truffle ceremonies all have a price of 350 euros and all dosages are possible. Based on the intake and what you feel comfortable with we can choose a dose that suits you. All truffle ceremonies below take place at the Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam and include personal preparation tips, overnight stay, aftercare, food and drinks. The start time of a ceremony is at 3:00 p.m. and ...

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Participating in a television documentary about psychedelics: Psychedelic Pioneering

Help Requested Trip Therapy has been approached to collaborate on a documentary about how psychedelics can help treat mental health issues. We would like to do our part to make the world more aware that psychedelics are a powerful tool for various psychological complaints/disorders. For this production we are also looking for people who will undergo the therapy where footage can be made of the period before, during and after the ps...

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Hiring a trip sitter

Hiring a trip sitter for your psychedelic trip At trip therapy we work with trip counselors that you can also hire as a trip sitter. Because of our experience, you can also take advantage of our extra care. We also treat people with depression, addiction, anxiety and low self-esteem. Therefore, our experience is handy to have as a backup during your psychedelic trip. So we do more than just act as trip sitters. We also help you with the preparation and we are available to...

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