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With trip therapy I provide the first contact. Based on the completed intake forms, I assess whether the desired session can safely take place.

After booking a session you will receive a personal lifestyle plan from me. Various components are included in this. Such as a basic nutrition plan, balancing hormones and neurotransmitters, viewing and listening tips for inspiration and innovative insights.

It is precisely by looking just a little further, not always giving what someone expects, but what can help someone move forward, that it gives a lot of satisfaction to work in trip therapy.

You can also regularly see me to support the group ceremonies in the psychedelic loft in Schiedam. Supervision of individual sessions is possible in consultation.

I also act as a confidential counselor. If something happens during a session and it is difficult to discuss it with the supervisor in question, you can contact me via the button below.

Janneke 3 -Janneke

About me

Caring for others is in my blood and I have been doing it since I was young. After high school I went into nursing. For physical reasons I had to stop this early. But the worry never went away. After this study I continued as a Management Assistant. I have been working as a self-employed person since 2011 and I hire myself out as an executive secretary/personal assistant.

Due to a very eventful life, I am very capable of sensing and empathizing with the feelings and traumas of others.

After my divorce in 2019, where I gave more than was good, allowed myself to be belittled and verbally abused and was completely mentally devastated in the end, I took the time to recover. This gave me the opportunity to create a new version of myself. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. When there is nothing left and you know the darkest moments, there is time and space to look for the light.

After the time of recovery, I started studying work and health psychology.

This was interesting in that I knew this was the start of my new path.

Current healthcare is not aimed at keeping people healthy but at making them better. But if anyone is better, it's a lost customer. We absolutely need Western care for acute cases. After all, a broken leg cannot be healed with preventive care. My goal is to make people aware that by eating healthier and exercising more, among other things, you can remedy many lifestyle diseases and lead a fitter life.

The combination of nutrition and the psyche is a very strong one. In 2022 I successfully completed the study to become an OER strong lifestyle coach. I learned the basis for a good lifestyle from various doctors and therapists. By getting the right balance between nutrition, mindset, relaxation and exercise, many people can adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Together we will look at how we can make positive and preventive adjustments and you don't have to do that alone.

Continuing to develop is very important to me. More knowledge will give me an even stronger foundation to support more people on their path to a lighter life. That is why I started the Bachelor of Applied Psychology in 2023 - specializing in Psychology and Health.

I also have a CPR diploma in BLS and AED.

My own experience with psychedelics

During my trips I achieved more than I have in years with various psychologists. While I was very afraid beforehand of losing control, being afraid to open Pandora's box and not knowing whether I would be able to handle what would come out of it, the sessions went smoothly.

While I normally get my words out well, and there is always a filter about the things we say, this filter completely disappeared during the sessions. I have been able to handle things that I could not do with other therapies.

It gave me peace by being able to heal old pains, forgiveness of myself and others, clear insights with the right direction that suits me, the realization that everything is already within me. Being able to look at myself and the people around me with more love. They were the most healing experiences ever. This was what I needed and I wish this for everyone!

Book a psychedelic session with Janneke

Janneke has a limited number of places available per month for individual psychedelic sessions. She arrives at locations up to a maximum of 45 minutes travel time from her hometown Vlaardingen and this includes, for example, the following places or cities: Delft, The Hague, Dordrecht, Gouda, Hellevoetsluis, Hoek van Holland, Naaldwijk, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Zoetermeer

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