What is psiloflora?

Psiloflora is a mix of psilocybin containing mushrooms or truffles combined with the Passiflora incarnata, a mild MAO inhibitor. The reason we add the passionflower to the truffles is that this mix adds some nice properties to the psychedelic truffles without increasing too much the risks of complications as with strong MAO inhibitors (ayahuasca, psilohuasca etc.).


Psiloflora ceremony or the extended psiloflora ceremony?

We offer two different psiloflora ceremonies. The normal psiloflora ceremony is the one with psilocybin truffles and passion flower. The extended psiloflora ceremony is the also based on psilocybin truffles and passionflower, but has as an addition a selection of additional plants and flowers that prolong and deepen the trip.

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Who is psiloflora suitable for?

Because of the prolonged duration of the psychedelic effects it is advisable to already have some experience with psychedelics. If you have no experience with psychedelics then you can still participate but then the advice is to take less of the psilocybin tea and if desired to take a possible second psilocybin tea an hour after ingestion. If fear plays a major role then it is advisable to start with a low dose or medium dose truffle ceremony.

Please see below our advice for suitability to participate in truffle and/or psiloflora ceremonies.

Truffle ceremonyTrip levelDuration (h)Eligibility
Low dose1-22-3Beginner
Medium dose3-43-5Beginner
High dose4-54-6Some experience
Heroic dose55-8More experienced
Psiloflora*4-55-8Some experience
Extended psiloflora**4-58-10Some experience

Questions about psiloflora

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