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Mushroom ceremony

psilocybin ceremony or MDMA ceremony

Mushroom ceremony in the Netherlands

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Psilocybin therapy

Legal mushroom ceremony

The magic mushroom ceremony is a term used to refer to any spiritual or therapeutic ceremony that involves the use of magic mushrooms, such as psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Other terms often used to describe these ceremonies include 'magic mushroom ceremony', 'shroom session' and 'truffle ceremony'. These mushroom ceremonies usually involve ritual elements aimed at creating a safe and sacred space to open the mind and facilitate connection with the divine. The experience offers an intense spiritual journey, in which inner growth, healing and insight can be achieved. The magic mushroom ceremony is a traditional practice practiced in various cultures around the world and is now being explored as an opportunity for spiritual healing and personal development. Despite the name 'magic mushroom ceremony' suggesting that it concerns illegal magic mushrooms, it is actually a legal variant. Below we explain why.

Psilocybin therapy or ceremony

Terms regarding mushroom ceremony

Mushroom ceremony

Magic mushrooms are illegal, but magic truffles are not. The magic truffle belongs to the same organism as the mushroom and therefore has exactly the same effect as the mushroom.

Psilocybin ceremony

Psilocybin is an illegal drug listed on list 1 of the Opium Act. A legal solution is to use magic truffles containing psilocybin.

Truffle ceremony

The name truffle ceremony is the correct name for all ceremonies in the Netherlands. Psilocybin, mushroom or mushroom ceremony refers to the truffle ceremony.

Mushroom ceremony

A magic mushroom ceremony is the English term for the mushroom ceremony. This also concerns the substance psilocybin, which is mainly obtained from magic truffles.

Magic truffle ceremony

The magic truffle ceremony or magical truffle ceremony is the same as the truffle ceremony. The magic truffle contains psilocybin and is the main reason for its use.

Psilohuasca ceremony

The psilohuasca ceremonies are done with psilocybin-containing truffles and an MAOi that is also used in Ayahuasca. This combination requires fewer truffles.

The offer at Triptherapie

We offer a diverse range of psychedelic ceremonies for those interested in exploring the therapeutic and spiritual potential of psychoactive substances. We have three options: the MDMA ceremony, the truffle (psilocybin/magic mushroom) ceremony and the psiloflora ceremony. Each ceremony is unique in its own way, providing a powerful and transformative experience that promotes personal growth and introspection.

Although all three ceremonies focus on the use of psychoactive substances, they differ in the specific substances used. For example, MDMA is a synthetic substance that is often used in a therapeutic setting to reduce emotional blocks and promote communication. Truffles and psiloflora, on the other hand, are natural psychedelics known for their spiritual and visual effects and are also effective in treating depression. The way each ceremony is performed also differs. For example, MDMA sessions are often more focused on conversations and discussions compared to the truffle and psiloflora ceremonies. If you would like to learn more about each ceremony, click on the buttons below to explore them in detail.

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Truffle ceremony

Psiloflora ceremony

MDMA ceremony

Mushroom ceremony and preparation

We offer extra support in the form of advice based on the intake for both the individual psychedelic sessions and the group ceremonies. After completing the intake and booking a mushroom ceremony (psilocybin ceremony), we provide advice to improve overall health and neurochemistry. The advice includes nutritional and supplement advice. We also provide reading and video suggestions that match personal goals. Preferably complete the intake before reserving a date so that we can check for you whether there are any contraindications.

Agenda truffle and MDMA ceremonies

Truffle ceremony

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam
550 Max. 6 participants
  • June 8, 2024
  • July 27, 2024
  • August 24, 2024
  • September 7, 2024

Psilocybin ceremony

Yügen Forest Dronten
675 Max. 8 participants
  • no availability

MDMA Group Session

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam
650 Max. 5 participants
  • June 22, 2024
  • July 6, 2024
  • August 3, 2024