Our team

Our team has guided over 2000 psychedelic sessions according to the trip therapy protocol. We all have different backgrounds, which allows us to go that extra mile for you.


Founder & Psychedelic guide

With a background in chemistry, a passion for philosophy, Marcel works full-time as a trip facilitator. With over 1800 sessions, Marcel has the most experience of our team.


Vitaloog & Psychedelic guide

Loes specializes in integral vitality (vitalogy) and Human Being management (HBM).


Breathwork coach & Psychedelic guide

Linda specializes in trauma processing, personal leadership & relationships


Psychosocial therapist & Psychedelic guide

Ronald is a psychosocial therapist and has done the following training : Jungian Philosophical Therapist, Psychodrama Therapist, Master Voice Dialogue, Transformational Psychology, Internal Family System (IFS), Mindfulness and Compassion Trainer.


Support & Quality control

Janneke provides initial counseling, offers support for group sessions and acts as a confidential advisor.

Trip therapy protocol

In trip therapy, we do much more than just shape the psychedelic sessions. In addition to supervising the psychedelic sessions, we look at whether you have room for improvement in several areas. Our advice includes tips on balancing diet, sleep and neurochemistry. Watching, reading and listening tips help ensure you are well prepared.

Complete Intake

The first step to using our services is to complete the no-obligation intake.

First opinion

After reviewing the intake for safety, you will receive a recommendation for a psychedelic and dosage.

Schedule a date

The initial advice email will explain how to book a session through our booking system.

Personal pre-enlargement

After booking, a personalized consultation in preparation for your session will be made.

Psychedelic session

On the day of your appointment, you will be accompanied by the trip counselor of your choice.


Immediately after AND days after the session, we discuss how the experience and insights are helping you move forward.

Our calendar

We offer group ceremonies in addition to individual psychedelic sessions. The individual sessions and self-composed group sessions can take place daily. The open group sessions such as truffle ceremonies and MDMA group sessions are organized monthly.

Latest news items

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