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Since 2018, we have been the leading and most well-known provider of psychedelic sessions in the Netherlands. We have already supported more than 2,300 customers during truffle ceremonies or with guiding transformative psychedelic therapies with legal psilocybin, MDMA and LSD variants.

Our mission

Trip therapy was founded to work on health, personal growth and spirituality in several ways. The responsible use of psychedelics can contribute to this. Our mission is to use a holistic approach to integrate psychedelic therapy into various treatments aimed at different aspects of health.

Who we are

Our team of tripsitters and therapists has guided over 2300 psychedelic sessions according to the Triptherapy protocol. We all have different backgrounds and that means we can do that little bit extra for you.

Founder of Trip Therapy & Psychedelic Guide

With a background in chemistry, a passion for philosophy and this combined with a lot of knowledge about psychology and health, his approach is holistic. Marcel works full-time as a trip leader. With more than 1900 guided sessions, Marcel has the most experience of our team.

Psychosocial therapist & psychedelic therapist

Ronald is a psychosocial therapist and has completed the following training courses: Jungian Philosophical Therapist, Psychodrama Therapist, Master Voice Dialogue, Transformation Psychology, Internal Family System (IFS), Mindfulness and Compassion Trainer.

Psychosocial therapist & psychedelic therapist

Gijs has 20 years of experience in outpatient mental health care. He taught and supervised the MGZ-GGZ course at HAN (Arnhem Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences). Gijs has also developed extensively in mindfulness, talk therapy, neurofeedback, meditation, compassion training and ACT.

Psychologist & psychedelic therapist

Sascha has a good foundation as a psychedelic therapist with her studies in psychology, a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and work experience in addiction care, (specialist) mental health care and rehabilitation as a psychologist. She has additional training in cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR.

Confidential counselor & psychedelic guide

Janneke studies Applied Psychology, is a lifestyle coach, provides first customer contact, draws up lifestyle plans and performs administrative tasks. She also acts as a confidential counselor. In addition to these tasks, she is available to supervise sessions.

Vitality coach & psychedelic guide

Loes is an accredited Vitalogue specialty in integral vitality (vitality advisor and vitality coaching). She has knowledge of energy management, brain balance and emotion regulation. She has also supplemented her knowledge with certifications from NLP, WELL, Disc & drives and TMA.

Therapy with psychedelics

At Triptherapie we work with various legal psychedelic substances. Psilocybin in the form of magic truffles. Psiloflora is a mix of passion flower and magic truffles. We use a legal analogue for the LSD and MDMA sessions. The different psychedelics have different effects and can be used in different situations.

In the case of an MDMA session, we use a legal analogue that works as a prodrug of MDMA

MDMA therapy with therapist

In the case of a psilocybin session we use psilocybin-containing magic truffles

Psilocybin therapy


In the case of an LSD session, we use a legal analogue that functions as a prodrug of LSD

LSD session

As an alternative to the illegal ayahuasca, psiloflora is a form of psilohuasca

Psilocybin therapy

Trip therapy process

At trip therapy we do much more than just design the psychedelic sessions. In addition to supervising the psychedelic sessions, we look at whether you have room for improvement in several areas. Our advice includes tips for balancing diet, sleep, mindset and neurochemistry. Watching, reading and listening tips help ensure good preparation.

Complete intake

The first step in using our services is to complete the intake without obligation.

Intake assessment

After assessing the intake, we will let you know whether it is possible to book a psychedelic session.

Plan a date

If it is possible to book a psychedelic session, you can choose a date and supervisor.

Personal preparation

After booking, personal advice will be provided in preparation for your session.

Psychedelic session

On the day of your appointment, you will be accompanied by the trip leader of your choice at the desired location.


Immediately after the session and on the following days we will discuss how you can integrate the experience and insights into your life.

Trip therapy in the media

Triptherapie has happily contributed several times to various items for newspapers, podcasts and videos. The effects of psychedelics and the therapeutic applications of, for example, MDMA and psilocybin have become better known to a larger audience. See below for an overview of the various media.