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The trip guides of trip therapy

Which supervisor suits you best? We have both male and female supervisors from different backgrounds. Our supervisors/therapists can make a home visit as long as it is within Dutch borders and within the range of their distance restrictions. For this on-site service you can use your own home, holiday home, private Airbnb or hotel.



Support functions are important in every company. To make the psychedelic sessions run better, our supervisors have the help of support staff. In this way we monitor the safety and quality of our services and ensure a better customer experience.

Janneke 2 -Our team


Janneke mainly helps behind the scenes and group ceremonies. The support that Janneke provides is in the form of initial customer contact and writing personal advice for the psychedelic sessions. Janneke also acts as a confidential counselor during sessions that she does not supervise herself. Janneke can also be booked for individual sessions on a limited basis for people who would like to do a session with Janneke.