Our goal

The goal of our services is to help you achieve your goals in the best way possible. We do this by supporting you before, during and after the trip.

Full attention to you

For best results during and after trip therapy, we treat you one-on-one. Only upon request and if it is helpful we can support more than one person at a time.

Would you like a joint trip session? Then indicate it via the contact form.

The application

You can apply through our website. If you do not want to do your application digitally, you can also contact us. Based on your information, you will receive an advice. In some cases, we may advise against a trip or give you advice to work on nutrition or other issues first. Nevertheless, you and we will make the decision whether or not to do a trip therapy session and which trip sheet best suits your goals.


Learn more about operation of trip and triplevels.

Possible rejection

Because safety comes first, we may exclude you from doing a trip therapy session with us. This may be due to medical conditions and/or medication use. In some cases, after changing diet and medication, a trip session can still take place.

For the trip therapy session

To better serve you, please speak to your coach by phone or in person. This way we can make sure you feel comfortable during a trip session.

After our decision to do a trip session, we try to agree on a date together. It is advisable to agree on a date with a day off after the trip. After all, a trip can make a lot of impression and take energy. Because it is important to have a pleasant environment for you, we do all trip sessions at the client's home or within walking distance of your address in nature (weather permitting). This also eliminates the need for you to participate in traffic after a session. Another option is for you to come by yourself. This is always in combination with an overnight stay in a residence. With an overnight stay we always book a private stay for 2 people where you can choose if you bring someone yourself.

You will be advised not to eat certain foods for 48 hours before starting the trip. Four hours before the trip, it is best not to eat any food at all to maximize the effect of the trip.

During the trip therapy session

On the agreed date and time, your trip coach will be present at the agreed location. You can ask any last minute questions that arise to our trip coach. The trip coach will provide the correct dosage of psilocybin belonging to the agreed upon triple sheet. This can be a truffle tea according to your preference or if you want to chew it you can do so as well. Before the trip really starts we have about half an hour to go through the set goals and get to know you better.

After about half an hour, the magic of this session really begins to work. Our trip coach makes sure that there is focus on the set goals and joins you on this journey. Not as a helmsman, but as a giver of options. You determine the direction, but the coach subtly ensures that you keep the set goals in sight. This trip is going to teach you a lot about yourself and your environment. In the case of getting philosophical, your coach will support you. In the case of a trip with higher triplevel and longer duration, there will probably be a period when you turn completely inward. That is the time then to let yourself be as much as possible. Your coach will then subtly adjust you only when necessary. This time your coach will already be working on a plan for after the trip.

Toward the end of the trip, you will gradually land back in reality. We can speed up this process if desired with a trip stopper based on herbs and sweets that the trip coach brings along. While landing, we talk for a while about what was experienced, what it may mean and how to deal with it.

After the trip therapy session

After the trip session, we will give you some tips regarding diet and activities that day and the days after the trip. It is wise for you to have no obligations after the trip and the day after. Even in the 2 weeks after the trip, we maintain contact from time to time as needed and do an after-trip consultation as needed.

Start application

You can sign up for psychedelic therapy through the website by creating an account, answering a few questions and filling out a test. Based on the data filled in, we already try to make a plan of action.

Create an account here

After registering an account, you can fill out a neurotransmitter test and intake information so we can get a better picture of your situation.

Start the neurotransmitter test here

Enter intake information here

Reserving a date and day can be done through the reservation menu.

Book trip therapy at your location here

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After you complete the intake and test, you can give us a call and we can then process your intake and test. You can also contact us if you have other questions. Choose a medium you feel comfortable with.

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