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Experiencing ego death as a depression treatment

ego death

Ego death

An ego death is the loss of ego. Losing ego is actually losing the boundary between yourself and everything that does not belong to you. The boundaries between the body and the universe are blurring. The boundaries between what your thoughts are and the will of the universe or the creator are no longer there. Ego death happens during a triplevel 5 triptherapy session and has its pros and cons. The big advantage is the possibility of depression treatment. The intensity of not being able to direct thoughts can be seen as a disadvantage. With the right guidance it can be a very good therapeutic trip.

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ego death -Experiencing ego death as a depression treatment
The universe and the mind are connected

Without ego more truth

Beautiful things happen without ego. What would happen if you could look at yourself with all the knowledge you have about yourself and not protect yourself? So the hard truth while it seems like it's about someone else? It will certainly be confrontational, but also liberating when you realize that you don't have to block yourself from being happy.

To make the loss of ego even clearer, you can do this Watch YouTube video.

Our vision

In two weeks we will be doing a trip level 5 trip therapy session together with a client as depression treatment. Together we have chosen this strength of the trip to develop love for life and overcome depression. However, we do more than just coach psychedelic therapy. We use the weeks before the trip therapy to develop a healthy lifestyle by advising nutrition, supplements and exercise. In this way we approach depression treatment holistically and increase the chance of a success story.


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Everybody is different

people -Experiencing ego death as a depression treatment

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