The Trip Therapy Preparation

In addition to the psilocybin session and integration, much attention is paid to preparing for a psilocybin session. Below we provide a roadmap of how to prepare for a psilocybin session at Trip Therapy.

Step 1: Complete Intake

The online intake form can be completed using the button below. We ask about your goals, medical information and it includes a neurotransmitter test.

Step 2: Initial advice

We use the intake initially to see if there are any contraindications that might prevent you from doing a session. If you are able to do a session with us, we will indicate which session we think is best for you.

Step 3: Reserve a date

After our email suggesting a psychedelic session, reservations can be made. Please use our booking system to set a date.

Step 4: Follow recommendations

After reserving a date, a person lifestyle plan is created. We use the completed intake as the basis for this advice. We provide nutrition and supplement tips to improve neurochemistry and we provide reading, watching and listening tips that can help you during the session.

Step 5: Giving feedback

Once the advice is implemented and you need an adjustment or more help, please let us know. We will continue to help you with your preparation.

Step 6: Introduction

One week in advance, your psilocybin session facilitator will contact you. If needed by the client, introductions can be made.

Step 7: Psilocybin session

On the day of the psilocybin session, time is taken beforehand before starting the session. On average, the sessions last about 6 hours.

Step 8: Integration

A follow-up discussion immediately after the session and/or a few days later together i.c.w. our emails helps turn the psilocybin session into results.

The importance of preparation

Trip therapy preparation has several elements that we can divide into three categories, neurochemistry, physical health and informational preparation. Clients who follow our advice in all three areas generally achieve the best results. This is due to the synergy between these three elements and the psychedelic session.

The neurochemistry

The neurotransmitter test completed during the intake gives us a picture of neurochemistry. A neurochemistry that is out of balance can cause symptoms. Also, a poor neurochemical balance can cause a negative psychedelic experience. With the help of dietary and supplement tips, we can improve neurochemistry which will improve mood. More importantly, the likelihood of a good psychedelic session and the outcomes of such is significantly increased when neurochemistry is in order. So improving neurochemistry works well on multiple levels.

Neurochemistry -The preparation for a psilocybin session

Physical health

At Trip Therapy, physical health is paramount. The body and mind are so connected that we cannot distinguish between them. Anyone who wants to become mentally healthier can often do a little extra for the body as well. Our lifestyle coach is ready to motivate you to make the healthier choice wherever possible. Taking good care of the body during psychedelic sessions can be the starting point for self-love or a better pattern. The combination of healthy preparation and the psilocybin session can result in less need for unhealthy and addictive behaviors.

physical health -Preparing for a psilocybin session

The informative preparation

Any information you consume before a psychedelic session can be expressed during a trip. As an example, we like to give that dreams often stem from things that are especially experienced during the days before the dream. This effect is also used in the psilocybin session.The assignments, reading tips and suggestions for videos are compiled based on the goals our clients indicate. The beginning conversation before the psilocybin session is intended to give the trip a certain direction despite the fact that trips cannot be fully directed.

Reading Tips -Preparing for a psilocybin session

More information and contact

If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form. Also, below we provide more information about psilocybin therapy, group session options and a link to the intake so that treatment can be registered with us.