DMT during psychedelic drug-assisted therapy (PAT)

DMT is een krachtige hallucinogene stof die van nature voorkomt in veel planten en dieren en wordt inderzocht of het gebruikt kan worden bij DMT therapie. Het is traditioneel gebruikt in sjamanistische rituelen en heeft recent populariteit gewonnen als recreatieve drug. Onderzoek suggereert dat DMT therapeutisch potentieel kan hebben voor de behandeling van verschillende psychische aandoeningen, waaronder depressie, angst en trauma-gerelateerde aandoeningen.

DMT is very similar regarding its effects to the most researched psychedelic psilocybin. Because of this similarity, approximately the same effects are expected as the studies on psilocybin.

Currently ongoing studies of DMT as a therapeutic tool are increasing, but not as much as the safer and expectedly better-performing psilocybin.

  1. Therapeutic effects in the treatment of depression: Some clinical studies were conducted to investigate the potential therapeutic benefits of DMT in the treatment of depressive disorders. These studies focused on the effects of DMT on participants' mood, well-being and overall mental health.

  2. Neurological effects: Some researchers have studied the effects of DMT on brain activity using techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG). These studies focused on understanding the neurological mechanisms behind DMT's effects on perception, consciousness and other cognitive processes.

  3. Spiritual experiences: Studies were also underway to explore DMT's role in spiritual experiences. These studies focused on understanding the effects of DMT on feelings of connection, transcendence and mystical experiences.

The DMT trip

DMT has a very short duration of action, often lasting only a few minutes. DMT does not work when taken orally without MAOi. This is because the molecule is broken down in the gastrointestinal tract by an enzyme called monoamine oxidase (MAO) before it reaches the brain. To avoid this, DMT can only be ingested via a smoking or vaping method. After only a minute, the effects begin to intensify.

The DMT trip is often described as intense and highly visual with geometric shapes playing a major role. The effects vary from person to person but can include visual hallucinations, intense emotions and loss of sense of time and space. All in all, a DMT trip lasts only an hour while peak effects are brief.

DMT trip visual -DMT therapie

DMT therapie is nog illegaal

DMT therapie kan nog niet. DMT, ook wel bekend als dimethyltryptamine, wordt in verschillende landen geclassificeerd als een gecontroleerde stof. Het staat op de lijst van gecontroleerde stoffen van de Verenigde Staten, Canada, het Verenigd Koninkrijk en diverse andere landen. In Nederland is het sinds 1999 geclassificeerd als een harddrug, waardoor het bezit en de verkoop ervan illegaal is onder de Opiumwet. Mochten de vele lopende onderzoeken vele goede resulaten tonen dan zal DMT op den duur gelegaliseerd worden voor diverse soorten therapie, is onze verwachting.

Legal alternatives to DMT

Currently there are no other substances that act as quickly as DMT and give the same effects. Psilocybin can give about the same visual effects provided the dosage is high enough. Psilocybin does not work through a vaporizer but does work orally. The difference between vaping DMT and taking psilocybin orally is then mainly in the long duration of the psilocybin session, which lasts about 6 hours. Some people suggest that 5-MeO-DMT may be an alternative, however, this substance does not produce visual effects.


DMT -DMT therapie


Psilocybin structure

Psilocybin therapy as best alternative

Most customers who search for DMT therapy often choose psilocybin as an alternative because psilocybin has often proven effective for complaints where these people are looking for a remedy. On the page below we have described where psilocybin helps and how psilocybin works as a therapeutic aid.