Hormones and neurotransmitters

At trip therapy we do more than just that truffle ceremonies to organize. We always make a personal plan in which we also look at whether we can get hormones and neurotransmitters in balance. Most people do not know that these neurotransmitters and hormones indirectly determine how we feel. We can get everything better balanced through nutrition, exercise, behavior and supplements. If we psychedelic therapy Combine this with care to balance hormones and neurotransmitters, the results are astonishing!

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The happy hormones

A video about hormones and neurotransmitters

Check out the ones below YouTube video and remember that psychedelics only temporarily increase the level of serotonin (similar substances). A lifestyle change is sometimes also necessary to maintain positive results.

Do you want the best form of psychedelic therapy?

We believe that psychedelic therapy works much better when all neurotransmitters and hormones are in balance. During registration for trip therapy, we can use a neurotransmitter test to see where any bottlenecks in well-being are. Your health is about more than just taking a psychedelic trip. We believe that we offer the best form of psychedelic therapy because we look beyond just the mental complaints. The body works together with the mind and the mind with the body.

We do everything we can to address all facets of life and that is why we also advise our customers on nutrition, exercise and supplements. The complete approach for body and mind ensures the best results in the short and long term. Typically, we use a schedule that looks like this for most customers:

  1. Registration, neurotransmitter test and intake
  2. Advice about nutrition, exercise and supplements based on point 1
  3. Review a period of 2-3 weeks of progress from point 2
  4. An individual psychedelic ceremony (unless a group has additional use or preference)
  5. Discussion of the truffle ceremony on the same day
  6. Contact us again after about 1-2 weeks

What others say about trip therapy

A customer's story can often tell more about what we do than what we write about ourselves. If you read the reviews, you may also become more clear about what our approach entails and how it works.

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