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LSD during psychedelic therapy?

LSD has its pros and cons if you were to use it as a therapeutic drug. We have written an article about this before and it is mainly about that the long-term effects of LSD are considered both positive and negative. Persons with little psychedelic experience can also consider starting with truffle session.

Truffle ceremony

What form of LSD?

The regular form of LSD called LSD-25 is illegal in the Netherlands. We use a legal form of LSD so there is no need to worry about legislation and raids. After taking this slightly modified form, our body converts it directly into LSD without any problems so the effect will be exactly the same. LSD possession is illegal. LSD use, on the other hand, is not punished in the Netherlands. Because of these strange Dutch laws, our approach is a legal construction to still use the therapeutic effects of LSD.

LSD molecule -LSD therapy
The LSD molecule

Contra indication LSD therapy

We are happy to help your if you want to use the pluses of LSD during therapy. However, there are some contraindications with LSD. We cannot accept you as a client if you:

  • Taking lithium medication
  • Taking Tramadol
  • Taking MAO inhibitors, SSRI, antidepressants or antipsychotics
  • An increased risk of psychosis has
  • Are prone to paranoia
  • Are prone to suspicion
  • Suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease
  • Are younger than 23 years of age
  • Being pregnant
  • A (moderate) severe form of PTSD has

When is LSD therapy appropriate?

If none of the contraindications apply to you and you do want to connect with your deeper self, LSD may be an appropriate tool. Other possibilities of LSD therapy involve addressing addictions and compulsions. Everyone undergoing LSD therapy has their own reasons. Perhaps you can first discuss what your reasons are by contacting us?

LSD therapy and duration

LSD therapy will cost you at least a day's worth of time. The guided trip lasts between 6-10 hours and even after that the effects can still be felt mildly. Of course, this varies from person to person and we always make sure that you get the necessary attention.

LSD time course -LSD therapy
Duration of LSD trip

Because it is always about results, we choose to do LSD therapy always on location. So the session takes place at your home or wherever you want it to take place. This way you do not have to go through traffic after the trip and that is one less worry, which is especially convenient during the psychedelic trip. If desired, you can also use a hotel, cottage or Airbnb. Finally, you can come to our location in Schiedam.

Individually or as a group?

The results of an individual session are usually better than a group. The better results come from the fact that in individual psychedelic therapy there is much more room for the internal world, because more attention can be directed inward. Should you still wish to bring a confidant for your own reassurance, this is of course understood. Each additional person that does join the psychedelic trip will receive a discount on the service. It is always your own choice as to who and whether you allow additional persons to participate or be present.

Booking an onsite LSD session

Before you can book a psychedelic session, the intake must be completed. After completing the intake, we can see if an LSD session can be done safely and what preparation might help maximize results. Please use the links below to proceed.

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