Microdosing or taking a good psychedelic trip?

Microdosing psychedelics or high doses of psychedelics are increasingly used to combat psychological complaints such as sadness, depression, stress and anxiety-related disorders. In which cases is microdosing better than an impressive deep psychedelic journey?

Change is the key to success!

Changing negative patterns is the success factor for any form of therapy. For example, depression is often caused by several pillars of well-being. For example, an allergy to a certain food can cause inflammation in the intestines. These inflammatory products ensure that less serotonin is released in the brain via inflammatory factors. Products with a lot of sugars worsen the stress response, thus slowing down body recovery and increasing the body's inflammation level. The gloom due to low serotonin sets in, making a person more sensitive to dopamine-raising things (addictions) such as sugars, coke, alcohol, gambling, porn or workaholism. This negative spiral is self-perpetuating. With microdosing you temporarily increase serotonin receptor stimulation and the sadness/depression will decrease. This is the time to make different choices and step out of the negative spiral. People who only microdose to suppress negative feelings and do not make any changes will likely fall back into their old patterns when they stop microdosing. Because let's be honest that depression and sadness is a signal from the body to change something.

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We often see that a deep psychedelic trip often has more impact and causes changes than microdosing. Obviously this does not apply to everyone and every situation. In trip therapy, the medium to high doses work better than the low ones when we talk about depression treatments. The combination of lifestyle coaching (changes) and a truffle ceremony often has the most impact.

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When should you microdose?

When anxiety plays a major role, such as in PTSD, a high dose of psychedelics can have a detrimental effect. So if fear plays a role, you might want to start microdosing to take the edge off. The effects then resemble antidepressants. With a microdose you will not simply start hallucinating. The effects are similar to the effects of trip level 1, but less so.

Microdosing is not just done to suppress symptoms. Use microdosing to make changes because symptoms are temporarily gone.

Our services for microdosing

Use our kickstarter services for microdosing. After completing the intake, we will advise you to make certain changes (diet, supplements and/or exercise). We combine this advice with a 1-2 hour appointment where we will guide you through your first microdosing and we will instruct you how to use the rest of the doses.

The price of this package including psychedelics for approximately 2 months is 325 euros (excluding call-out costs if at home).

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