Therapy while tripping

Psychedelic therapy is increasingly called trip therapy. During this form of therapy, psychedelic tripping agents are used such as LSD, MDMA or psilocybin from mushrooms/magic truffles. After ingesting these substances, perception changes and the journey inwards is started under the guidance of an expert. This psychedelic journey/trip works even better if you make a plan in advance with your supervisor so that you can prepare well and get the most out of the psychedelic session. Each psychedelic drug has a different effect and we explain it for you on this page.

Psilocybin session

Our psilocybin sessions are based on magic truffles, part of the magic mushrooms. This is the only way we can legally offer these sessions. These sessions are also called truffle sessions or truffle therapy. They are all different names with the same meaning. Psilocybin is the substance that, after conversion to psilocin, provides the effects of this psychedelic. Psilocybin is mainly used for depression, addictions and social anxiety. Psilocybin is the all-rounder because psilocybin can also be used for trauma and PTSD provided the preparation is in order. More and more people are choosing psilocybin to experience creativity and spirituality. Another advantage is that there are multiple doses during psilocybin sessions microdose, medium, high and heroic where the visual hallucinations and other effects vary from almost none to very many.

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Psiloflora session

Psiloflora is a combination of psilocybin and the mild MAO inhibitory flower of the passion flower. The mild MAO inhibitory and soothing properties provide a stronger and longer inward journey than psilocybin alone. Due to the extended duration and the enhanced trip, psiloflora is only recommended for people who have had previous psychedelic experiences. Psiloflora can be used for the same reasons as psilocybin, but the emphasis is slightly more on inducing a spiritual experience.

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LSD session

During the LSD sessions we use a legal analogue of LSD that is converted into regular LSD after ingestion by the body. This way we can legally perform the LSD session. The LSD sessions last much longer than all other psychedelic sessions and that is why we only recommend these sessions if there is already some experience with the effects of other hallucinogenic psychedelics and the long-lasting effects are desired. The effects of an LSD session are mainly used in the treatment of addictions, for creativity and to a lesser extent for depression and social anxiety.

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MDMA session

MDMA therapy is mainly used for PTSD and trauma. The MDMA sessions have little or no visual hallucinations, but generally give feelings of euphoria and empathy while you can talk about negative experiences in the past without blocking.

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Open group truffle ceremony

Open group truffle ceremonies are suitable for people who would like to attend a truffle ceremony where the group is not too large. For the trip therapy truffle group ceremony we have a maximum size of six people and we have at least one supervisor for every three participants. This way there is room for personal attention and you can also use the group session as therapy. Each participant also receives advice based on the digital intake to increase the chance of success.

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