Open or private ceremony with psychedelics?

Bij Triptherapie bestaat de mogelijkheid om maandelijks deel te nemen aan een open psychedelische ceremonie waarbij je deelneemt aan een truffel ceremonie (psilocybine), psiloflora ceremonie of een MDMA groepssessie. Bij deze ceremonies neem je deel samen met andere onbekende personen. Een andere mogelijkheid is om zelf een groep samen te stellen waarbij je dus met bekenden samen het avontuur aangaat.

On this page we explain what we think is important when organizing and a group ceremony. At the bottom of the page we list the pros and cons of the open and private ceremonies so that a better choice can be made about what kind of ceremony best suits the needs.

What we think is important in psychedelic group ceremonies

Physical safety is most important, and second is the results that come from the psychedelic ceremonies. Third, we would also like everyone to have a beautiful experience where you also feel heard if needed. Increasing your chances of a valuable experience needs attention and preparation. Here is a summary of what we think is important and how we proceed:

  • Safety: Although truffles are the safest drug/plant medication known, there are dangerous combinations possible with some medications. Also some conditions cannot be combined with psychedelics. We screen our participants through an intake to prevent unsafe interactions.
  • Health: We also use the intake to see where there is still room for healthier living. We make a personalized recommendation to boost physical health.
  • Neurochemistry: The neurotransmitters in the brain determine mood but also how well a psychedelic trip goes. Our personalized advice includes tips for balancing neurochemistry.
  • Preparation: Finally, based on the intake, we give some homework such as reading books or watching movies. The information you consciously or unconsciously store can revive during the ceremony and grow into a new insight or solution.
  • Theme ceremony: We give each open psychedelic ceremony a general theme that you can use in your own way. The theme of the ceremony also gives room for conversation during the meeting and introductory talk on the day of the ceremony.
  • Group size: We find it important that the group is neither too large nor too small. We get the best results with groups of 3-6 participants because then there is a group feeling present but not too large to start seeing yourself as one of many.
  • Personal space: At the locations where we organize the psychedelic ceremonies, we always have a common space for the group, but we also set it up so that if you need your own space that you can retreat to your own space.
  • Guidance: Experienced guidance gives peace of mind with confidence. We always make sure there is at least one supervisor with at least two years of experience. We also apply the rule that there must be at least one supervisor for every 4 participants. This way everyone can get the proper attention.
  • Dosage: Because the outcome is important, we always want an experience that is beneficial. Therefore, during our truffle and psiloflora ceremonies, we offer an additional intake during the first hour if we think it is necessary. This way we ensure that the effects are neither too strong nor too mild.
  • Music: The music can take you to the emotions you need to release things and grow. During the higher-dose sessions, you can merge with the music, which is why we take great care with the playlist. We have several playlists and we choose them based on the needs of the participants.
  • Introspection: Also during the psychedelic ceremonies for groups, during the peak phase of the effects of the truffles, the idea is to turn inward and make your own journey. This introspection is the most important part of the ceremony and we average between 2 and 4 hours for this.
  • Fun and Experience: Psychedelic ceremonies may be a nice playful experience in addition to seriousness.
  • Food and drink: The food we provide after the open ceremonies should fit with what we want to portray, namely natural and healthy. We want the healthy food to give you a taste that great taste and health can go together and inspire you to continue with this yourself.
  • Integration: We have space for post-ceremony discussion immediately after the ceremony as well as over the phone days after the ceremony. We think through how you can integrate the insights from your truffle ceremony into your everyday life.
Psychedelic ceremony

Choosing between an open or private ceremony

Psychedelic sessions and ceremonies work best if you can surrender during the peak of the effects of the psychedelic substances. If you can do this best with friends, then a private ceremony is a better choice. However, if you like the group feeling but also like the fact that you will not meet these people in normal life, then the open group offers more. So look at what you like.

Open psychedelic ceremony

We host open psychedelic ceremonies monthly at our own locations. Each ceremony has its own theme and we maintain a maximum group size of 8 participants for the psiloflora and truffle ceremonies. For the MDMA group sessions, a maximum of 6 people can participate. The open ceremonies are nice to meet new like-minded people and to save costs compared to the individual sessions. Read more about the open ceremonies via the button below:

Private psychedelic ceremony

The advantages of a private ceremony are choosing your own group, the amount of participants, the location, the theme and the structure of the ceremony. So a private ceremony is a more customized service where we take into account wishes and the intention of the group. All the psychedelics you can choose for individual session can also be chosen at the private ceremonies. Read more about private ceremonies through the following link: