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The healing effects of (magical) mushrooms


Table of contents

Psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms)

In trip therapy we promote the healing properties of magic mushrooms, the psilocybin-containing variants of mushrooms. We combine the healing properties of these psychedelics with healthy lifestyle advice for unprecedented good results. From this view, we would like to argue once again that it is not only the psychedelic effects of psychedelic mushrooms that can help us, but the medicinal edible mushrooms can also serve us well.

mushrooms -The healing effects of (magical) mushrooms

Video about mushrooms

The video below is the story we have been trying to tell the whole world for years. It is nice to see that this information is increasingly being shared on YouTube, for example. The video below is a very nice and very complete collection of what inedible, edible and psychedelic mushrooms mean to us.

How can mushrooms help you?

Are you struggling with your mental health? Mushrooms can help you connect the brain better, which improves the state of the psyche. We can do this with mushrooms that may or may not cause you to hallucinate. Here is a small overview of various medicinal mushrooms.

ReishiAnti-inflammatory so better immune system, less depression
Lion's ManeMore Nerve Grow Factor against Alzheimer's and MS (neurodegeneration)
Turkey tailBetter immune system, especially against cancer
ShittakeActivates immune system against viruses via AHCC
ChagaBetter immune system
He Shou WuProtection against DNA aging via Superoxide Dismutase
PsilocybeHallucinations and BDNF for insights and connections in the brain
Medicinal mushrooms

Beyond this list, there are many more mushrooms that activate the immune system. A better immune system means lower levels of inflammation in the body and therefore fewer inflammatory products that trigger depression in a biochemical way.

The psychedelic mushrooms of the Psilocybe species

For the psychedelic sessions we use strains that belong to the Psilocybe group. At a slightly higher dose of these variants, hallucinations, visions, insights, new brain connections and other changes occur. It is not yet entirely clear how psilocybin, which is converted into the active substance psilocin, works exactly. We have described a number of mechanisms. More information can be found via the following links.

What causes hallucinations?

The positive effects of psilocybin