Want to hire a tripsitter for your truffle session?

Are you looking for a very experienced tripsitter who has already guided more than 1300 trips and also has extensive experience with magic truffles, mushrooms and some other types of psychedelics? Then you've come to the right place. My name is Marcel and I am the founder of Triptherapy and have been working through triptherapy for about 4 years after gaining several years of experience. I have used psychedelics more than 100 times for personal growth, but also to investigate how best to guide a truffle session, what music can be used and many more things to use psychedelics during a therapeutic session.

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What kind of tripsitter are you looking for?

Do you want a psychedelic trip with a tripsitter for physical safety only or perhaps you want a spiritual trip? Are you taking a trip with truffles to heal yourself? Different objectives require different preparation and sessions. You can let me advise you after you have completed the intake via the website. Based on the intake, you will also later receive tailor-made advice to improve your neurochemistry so that the psychedelic session and your mood change are better reflected.

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Want to know more about Marcel as a tripsitter?

I can write a lot about myself, but the words of my customers may say more. What I often hear is that customers appreciate my knowledge about psychedelics and biochemistry and it gives them confidence. Furthermore, my calm energy is sometimes mentioned and customers find the philosophical conversations interesting. Check out the reviews for a better idea of me as a tripsitter.

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Nowadays chatting via chat apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram the easiest way to have quick contact. The telephone number we use for these chat apps is +31640898455.

You can email with marcel@triptherapie.nl