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Hippie flip: MDMA and psilocybin in one session

magic mushrooms with MDMA

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'Hipie flipping'

The hippie flip is a combination of mushrooms or truffles with MDMA. Those who choose to combine these psychedelics do so mainly because of the anxiolytic effects of MDMA. Reducing anxiety while using psilocybin during a truffle session, for example, can make a psychedelic trip easier. We see an increase in requests for the hippie flip from people who want a psychedelic trip, but have a lot of fear and need for control.

The effects of the hippie flip

The effects of MDMA combined with psilocybin can differ per person. In general, the hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin are strong and the anti-anxiety nature of MDMA gives more confidence. Due to a higher degree of surrender, these trips can go deeper than when there is a lot of urge to control. The emotional experience during the hippie flip is more on the positive side, which is due to the stimulating effect of MDMA.

Effects of MDMA

The effect of MDMA during the hippie flip provides a safe feeling, more empathy and a stronger sense of connection after the exposure time. MDMA also enhances the effects of psilocybin because more serotonin is released.

Effects of psilocybin

Psilocybin adds color to the hippie flip by adding visual hallucinations. Psilocybin also increases the chance of a spiritual or mystical experience because the sense of self (the ego) can be reduced and there is more connection through the senses.

Psilocybin therapy

Psilocybin +MDMA =Hippieflip

MDMA therapy with therapist

Hippie flip and scientific studies

According to a scientific study published in August 2023, a small addition of MDMA to the psilocybin experience can significantly increase the chance of compassion and reduce the chance of a spiritual or mystical experience.

Another outcome is about experiencing challenging experiences/bad trips. Simultaneous use of MDMA with psilocybin was associated with significant differences in the risk of a bad trip. Compared to using psilocybin alone, psilocybin gave alow dose MDMA a significantly lower chance of a negative experience. Remarkably, there was no significant difference between using psilocybin alone and adding one high dose of MDMA.

Hippie flip research

Also in this study it was found that the hippie flip resulted in experiencing more self-compassion, feelings of love and experiences of gratitude than the monodrug use of psilocybin itself. These positive effects of MDMA on a psilocybin experience were also dose-dependent. Although this study was relatively small in design, it does provide insights into what a possible good dosage would be for the hippie flip sessions.

Psilocybin and MDMA dosages

The trick to an effective hippie flip is also the dosage and the ratio of MDMA to psilocybin, according to scientific studies. At Trip Therapy we have often worked with MDMA, psilocybin and the combination of the two. Although studies suggest that 30-50 mg MDMA is the best MDMA dosage for the hippie flip, we often see many benefits when the dosage increases to 100 mg. For the time being, the correct dosage of MDMA during the hippie flip seems to be between 50 and 150 mg and this depends on the person. The ideal psilocybin dosage depends on the desired strength of the trip and personal sensitivity and is estimated at 15 to 45 mg.

During the hippie flip sessions that we organize, we adjust the doses per person and objective. For example, by turning the dials and adjusting the doses of MDMA or psilocybin, we can increase or decrease the chance of ego loss and a spiritual experience. The anti-anxiety function of MDMA during a psilocybin experience can also be controlled by adjusting the doses.

Risks of MDMA with psilocybin

The hippie flip is a combination of psilocybin with MDMA. These two psychedelic substances influence, among other things, the serotonergic receptors (5HT) and can enhance each other's effect. Finding the right dosage is important for this combination. Furthermore, the contraindications of MDMA and psilocybin should also be taken into account if you want to try this polydrug combination. Although psilocybin is a relatively safe drug, MDMA has more potential interactions with medications that can be dangerous. Complete the intake without obligation so that we can do an initial safety check for you. We will then let you know by email whether we have found any contraindications.