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Integration of psychedelic sessions with psychodrama and IFS


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Integrating psychedelics sessions

For individuals who have completed a therapeutic session using psychedelics in higher doses, the integration of the experience can play an important role in achieving the desired results. During a psychedelic session, people can gain profound experiences and insights that can help them understand and process certain patterns, beliefs or traumas. These insights can lead to positive changes in the person's life, such as improving relationships, increasing self-acceptance and finding new perspectives.

The integration process after a psychedelic session is necessary to anchor the experience and insights in daily life. It's about understanding the meaning of the experience and finding ways to apply the insights to everyday life. This may mean developing new habits and behavior patterns, such as meditation, exercise or developing new relationships. The integration process may also involve letting go of certain beliefs or behaviors that are no longer helpful.

Sometimes integrating the insights from a psychedelic session can be difficult. This may be due to various factors, such as resistance to change, the lack of support in the environment or not knowing how to put the insights into practice. In these cases it can be useful to use the integration options we offer.

Integration conversation is included

We offer all our customers the option of having a telephone integration conversation after the psychedelic session. Most people who use this do so about a week after the session, because a week often gives the right amount of time to fully integrate the experience. During this conversation, we can look at which insights can be used to make healthier choices and change behavior.

For people who want more integration or prefer to do it in a group setting, there is now the option to participate in group sessions for integration of the psychedelic experiences. These group sessions to strengthen integration are based on psychodrama/IFS.

Psychodrama, TSM and IFS

Psychodrama is known as one of the most effective methods for dealing with trauma and can be a very effective addition to psychedelic therapy. We offer a safe environment in which you can grow and flourish, in which you can heal old wounds and discover new possibilities.

The Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) adds components to psychodrama to be able to work safely with trauma. Therapists who work with TSM teach psychodrama and trauma-informed therapy to support you in exploring and overcoming traumatic impact. TSM can therefore also be a welcome additional support if psychedelic sessions have been done for therapeutic reasons and when trauma has played a role.

IFS stands for Internal Family Systems and is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on exploring and understanding the different parts of our personality. According to the IFS model, our inner world consists of several parts, such as the 'manager', who is responsible for making decisions and controlling emotions, the 'protector', who protects us from pain and vulnerability, and the 'injured parts', which carry emotional pain and trauma. IFS can help integrate psychedelic sessions by providing a framework to understand and process the experiences and insights that emerge during the session.

About the group integration session

The strength of our psychodrama meetings is that they are specially designed to meet this need for integration and transformation. You will meet like-minded people with similar experiences, discover the depths of yourself, and find paths to healing and growth that you have never explored before. We work with inner parts according to the Therapeutic Spiral Model and IFS, allowing you to experience a profound recovery process.

During the meeting we build strong connections and safety in the group. Here we create a place where you can share your experiences, surrounded by people who understand you and guided by therapists who know what you are going through. Experience the powerful effect of active involvement in the group, where we focus on your personal (and group) themes and goals. We organize two interactive setups in which everyone is actively involved and works on their individual healing process.

This is a journey where we embrace spontaneity and creativity. By being spontaneous, you discover new experiences and insights without thinking about them too much. Creativity allows you to find new ways to express yourself and find your own way. This way you can really grow and develop yourself in ways you may never have expected.

In our meetings, in a group of people who have experienced similar challenges, we provide a safe space where you can explore, understand and heal your traumas. Here you can let go of old patterns and discover new paths. In addition to peace, trust and hope, you will find more emotional stability, resilience, self-acceptance, connection, meaning, and the ability to rebuild their lives. With the support of experienced therapists inspired by trauma experts like Bessel van der Kolk, you will discover that you are not alone on this journey to recovery.

Investing in progress

Maybe you long for a more positive self-image, for self-love instead of self-criticism. Perhaps you long for deep relationships based on trust and connection. Or maybe you just want inner peace, a sense of safety and security that you have missed for so long.

You deserve healing, inner peace and stability. It is logical that you long for connection, self-acceptance and recovery. You open the way to renewed direction and meaning in your life, where you are satisfied and happy with yourself and your life path. You pave the way to transform into the person you always wanted to be.

Therapists Ronald & Ina

Ronald brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of psychedelics and mindfulness in therapeutic settings. He is able to provide customized, effective treatments that meet the unique needs of his clients. In addition, Ronald is known for his empathetic and supportive approach, which makes clients feel comfortable to share and grow openly

Ina brings with her extensive experience and expertise in the field of therapy, training and education. With a warm and supportive approach, Ina helps her clients feel heard, understood and supported during their healing journey. She integrates various therapies to provide guidance that meets the unique needs of each individual. Additionally, Ina is passionate about promoting growth and well-being, and she strives to help her clients live a life that fulfills and makes them happy.

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Psychosocial therapist & psychedelic therapist

Practical information

Location: Energy center 'de Volmolen', Molenstraat 60, 5581 VK Waalre.

Date: Saturday September 21

Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM, entry 9:15 AM.

Price: €275 (incl. coffee, tea, water, cookies, etc.).

Lunch can be enjoyed in the Volmolen campsite cafeteria. There is a refrigerator available if necessary. brought lunch.

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