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Low dose truffle ceremony

Mushroom ceremony

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Low dose psilocybin

During a low dose truffle ceremony, the dose of psilocybin is on the low side. The psychedelic effects are minimal but still somewhat present. In this article you can read whether a truffle ceremony at a low dose is something for you.

You will find an overview here all dosages and trip levels

Psilocybin from truffles

Other names for a truffle ceremony are mushroom ceremony or psilocybin ceremony. We use psilocybin-containing truffles during a truffle ceremony. A truffle ceremony can be used as a spiritual tool, a new experience or as therapy. We therefore sometimes also talk about mushroom therapy, truffle therapy or psilocybin therapy. All these terms have the truffle ceremony as a basis.

karl anderson KH WE85l3kc unsplash -Low dose truffle ceremony
We do not use magic mushrooms but truffles due to legislation

Effects of the low dose of psilocybin

It will not surprise you that higher doses produce more psychedelic effects than lower doses. The intensity of the psychedelic journey is therefore divided into 5 trip levels. A low dose has the effects of a trip with trip levels 1 and 2.

Trip level 1 (Low dose)

During trip level 1, the negative feelings of serotonin depression disappear. Because the communication of the hemispheres of the brain changes, music will sound deeper, colors will become brighter and the environment will become more tangible. Your senses are open. During this phase one is more open and socially engaged and you begin to become open and honest with others and yourself.

Trip level 2 (Low dose)

Brighter perception of colors, visuals such as the movement and “breathing” of objects, walls, etc. With closed eyes, 2-dimensional patterns can be observed. Due to changes in short-term memory, the user experiences continuous distracting thought patterns, alternating with extreme focus. The natural filter in the brain is bypassed, which increases creativity, among other things. During this phase, cross-connections can already be discovered. Cross-connections about, for example, why certain things happen and how you can deal with them.

Who is the low dose truffle ceremony suitable for?

We only do this low dose of the truffle ceremony with customers who want to have a psychedelic experience for the first time, but are relatively afraid of it. So only if fear plays a major role is this dosage useful to do it for the first time. For this reason, a medium dose truffle ceremony is often chosen for a beginner. See also the diagram below for our advice.

Truffle ceremonyTrip levelDuration (h)Eligibility
Low dose 1-22-3Beginner
Medium dose 3-43-5Beginner
High dose 4-54-6Experience with psychedelics
Heroic dose 55-8More experienced

people -Low dose truffle ceremony
Everyone is different and needs a different approach

Individually or as a group

You can choose whether you want to participate in a truffle ceremony individually or as a group. For therapeutic purposes, we advise not to make the group too large. During individual sessions it is of course permitted to have an additional acquaintance (confidant) present.

You can put together a group yourself, preferably with the people you trust the most. In some cases it is actually useful not to participate individually in a truffle ceremony. Consider, for example, relationship therapy or other forms of bonding problems.

At your location or with us?

We are flexible when it comes to location as long as it is in the Netherlands. We can perform our individual and small-scale ceremonies at your home, in a hotel or rented Airbnb, where you choose who participates. In most cases, it is cheaper at your own location, you are in your own familiar place and you do not have to travel after the trip. This can contribute to inner peace during the psychedelic trip.

Read more about this here our on-site service

You can also use our space in Schiedam which is specially designed for psychedelic sessions for self-composed groups of up to 6 people. The Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam (near Rotterdam) can enhance the experience and is especially useful for groups of 3 people or more. If you use the Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam you can stay overnight.

Read more about the here Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam

Schiedam ceremony loft -Low dose truffle ceremony
The beautiful Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam

Advice on trip level and type of psychedelics

Would you like to undergo a psychedelic trip for the healing therapeutic effects or for personal and/or spiritual growth? We can give you advice on which trip level suits your goals and your experience. Contact us without obligation via the options below.

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Nowadays chatting via chat apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram the easiest way to have quick contact. The telephone number we use for these chat apps is 0640898455.

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Contact via email

Although e-mail is used less and less often, you can of course also contact us by e-mail. You can email us at the following email address.

Contact by telephone

Would you rather call? You can also reach us by telephone number 0640898455. In the event that we are unable to assist you, you can request us to call you via the option above.