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Marcel van der Putten

Category: Senior guide
Languages: Dutch and English
Sessions €775 : MDMA/Psilocybin
Specials €875: Heroic dose/LSD/Psiloflora/Psilohuasca/Hippie flip/etc.
Duo 1250 All psychedelics

I work throughout the Netherlands and in our country location in Schiedam. I can also be booked for sessions at your home, in an Airbnb, holiday home or a hotel of your choice. For the sessions at home, I travel from my current home town of Noordwijkerhout and the travel costs of 50 cents per km driven are therefore deducted from zip code 2211BM calculated. Do you live far away or are you coming from abroad? In that case, you can also choose to rent a house/hotel/Airbnb closer to the beautiful Noordwijkerhout or you can use our space in Schiedam.

For the sessions at the customer's location, the cities and places between the following cities are easy to reach for me: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zaandam. Do you prefer a place with more nature and/or beach? Noordwijk, Scheveningen and Zandvoort are nearby coastal towns that I recommend.

About Marcel

Chemistry and biochemistry. That is my area of expertise regarding education. However, after completing my education, I started doing something completely different, namely providing retail and service in the gaming computer world. In addition to managing various web shops and tinkering with game consoles, I always maintained my scientific interest in (bio)chemistry in combination with sports, nutrition and the general well-being of people. Based on this interest, I have been reading and studying scientific research on diseases, nutrition, sports, herbal medicine, phytotherapy, psychology and general well-being for more than 10 years. I started using this knowledge to help people holistically. After I gained more and more knowledge and experience with psychedelics (magic truffles), everything fell into place. Psychedelics fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle and earned a place in coaching for both physical and mental health. The idea behind trip therapy was born and the total approach became even more holistic. The demand was high for this type of trajectory and so the education as a basis, the lasting interest in biochemistry, the power of psychedelics and my own urge for health merged into Trip Therapy.


During the early years at Trip Therapy, I specialized most in depression and negative self-images and how these work at the cellular level. Depression can have a variety of causes, including diet, medication, illness and emotional setbacks. The mind, or in other words your way of thinking, can make your body unhealthy and therefore trigger depression due to inflammation. It also works the other way around, depression or inflammation in the body causes negative thinking. You can use my knowledge and services to escape the negative spiral of depression. I am currently attending lectures on the combination of behavior, biology and evolution. This shows that a lot of our behavior goes beyond just our own lives. I apply this new knowledge to new sessions.

From 2021 onwards, the demand for psychedelic sessions against anxiety and PTSD suddenly became very high. During the last few years that I have been at Triptherapie, I have learned a lot about psychedelic treatments from experience with our clients and I have increasingly delved into the theory to enrich the psychedelic sessions with careful exposure therapy.

My approach

The action plan is based on the (medical) data that you provide during the digital intake. We use the results of the intake and your data to see whether you are missing certain substances and, if necessary, you will receive advice regarding nutrition, supplements, herbs, exercise and/or lifestyle. In addition to these tips to improve neurochemistry, we will also give tips for watching certain videos or reading books. This information can be useful during the psychedelic session.

During a trip session with hallucinogens, the beginning will resemble talk therapy. After taking it, we will communicate less and less and ultimately leave words alone, after all, it is about the experience. During a trip session I can use music, light, herbs and/or aromatherapy to achieve our pre-agreed goal. My presence will be subtle and I present myself as a calm and safe energy that supports you and provides you with light adjustments where necessary. During the sobriety process, we will carefully start talking again and look together at what your psychedelic experience can mean for you. When using MDMA, the session is also similar to the above, but there will be more variation between introspection and conversations.

Marcel Thank You Plant Medicine -Marcel
Volunteer at TYPM (2019)

My own experiences with psychedelics

To be able to do this work and because of my own interest, I have made about 170 trips. Most were not in very strong doses but were intended to learn more about the psychedelic state and the services associated with psychedelic therapy. A number of higher dose trips were able to help me gain insights. Here is a brief bit about myself and how some psychedelics have helped me.

I had a beautiful childhood. Maybe my parents were a little too strict sometimes and I sometimes get a good corrective slap. I don't think I've ever really suffered from trauma or anything like that. Yet everyone's behavior changes, including mine, based on previous circumstances. During several psychedelic trips I have relived these circumstances, but never as something very painful. I appreciate myself today and that means that I have to appreciate everything I have been through, because it has made me the person I am. So I have accepted the past because there are only two options:

1: You will have to change the things you cannot accept
2: You will have to accept the things you cannot change

Now the above is just a single insight that I have gained because of psychedelics, among other things. But there are many more insights that have made my life pleasant.

I was able to cope with the loss of two loved ones during a trip. The ceremony that I saw with my eyes closed was an indescribably beautiful farewell. From sadness to happiness. From suppressed memories to honoring remembered beautiful moments.

Another great insight is that I previously believed that prosperity and finances are the most important. I worked myself to death to earn money. It is something that stimulates our society. Namely individual performance and self-enrichment. That came easily to me, but it was not satisfying. Psilocybin truffles have made me realize that it is all about the connection and not about loneliness. Loneliness actually leads to unpleasant complaints and addictions. Psychedelics are about connection!

Experience thanks to psychedelic sessions

I am the founder of Triptherapie and have therefore been working at this relatively nice company for 6 years. Before I started trip therapy, I had already had 7 years of experience with psychedelics and guidance. In all those years, I have guided more than 1,800 people so far and I have been working (more than) full time since its inception.

I would also like to provide some insights that I gained during my work as a trip leader:

  • Our reality is what you think it is. The world is heaven and hell at the same time. If you focus on the heavenly aspects, the opportunities will grow when you experience and recognize heavenly things in this world. This is how the “law of attraction” works. So we co-create reality.
  • Everyone has a different trip and believes in different things. It is an interpretation of information. That interpretation is only human and a little different for everyone.
  • Some think that psychedelics heal people, but what we often forget is that everyone is whole. Psychedelics show you that you are perfectly shaped to the circumstances that were and are. Depression and burnout are a perfect message from the body that something else needs to happen. Psychedelics are not the solution but the key to the solution in the subconscious brain.
  • Let's not think in terms of pieces or things we are missing. Let us think of the things we do have. Everything is a gift and so is life itself.
  • The purpose of life? That is life in itself. There is plenty of room to set your own goals for this. That can be a burden or a wonderful freedom! Some people get an inspiration and that feels like a given.
  • Life is a journey just like a psychedelic trip. It's not about the destination.
  • Good and evil is all in the beholders eye!

Marcel in the Media

Due to the high interest in psychedelic therapy from the media, we have also collaborated on certain programs a number of times. Here are a selection of interesting articles and podcasts to learn more about trip therapy and Marcel as a supervisor.

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Contact Marcel

Would you like to connect first before booking a session with me? That's very understandable! You can contact me via one of the options below. For telephone contact, if there is no answer, it is best to send me a message via Whatsapp, Telegram or email.

Book a psychedelic session with Marcel

I work throughout the Netherlands. So I can be booked for sessions at your home, in an Airbnb, holiday home or a hotel of your choice. For the sessions at home, I come from my current home town of Noordwijkerhout and the travel costs of 50 cents per km driven are therefore calculated from zip code 2211BM calculated. Do you live far away or are you coming from abroad? In that case, you can also choose to rent a house/hotel/Airbnb closer to beautiful Noordwijkerhout. Finally, you can also use our location in Schiedam. Bookings at the Schiedam location include overnight accommodation and food/drinks.