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How does registration for a truffle ceremony work?

Location for truffle ceremonies

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Step-by-step registration plan

We like to see the best results during our truffle ceremonies and we do this by firstly excluding people who have contraindications to using psychedelic substances. We also provide participants with personal advice to prepare as best as possible for the truffle ceremony and to work as much as possible on the goal.

On this page you can read how to best register and how the registration and truffle ceremony proceed.

In general, the step-by-step plan for registering for a truffle ceremony looks like this:

Step 1: Register

By registering yourself through the intake, we can do our screening and provide you with personal advice.

Step 2: Make a reservation

Once your registration has been approved, you can book a truffle ceremony with us. Check out the availability:

Step 3: Prepare

After booking we will give you all the information you need. You will also receive personal advice from us.

Step 4: Truffle ceremony

On the day of the truffle ceremony you will be guided by two therapists with a maximum of six participants.

After the truffle ceremony

Immediately after the truffle ceremony experiences are often shared, eaten and most participants stay overnight. The day after the ceremony there is still room for a discussion and integration of the insights gained. We also offer everyone a telephone integration interview, which is usually done a few days after the ceremony.

The Trip Therapy approach

In addition to thinking along and providing information in preparation for the ceremony, we will also help you to improve neurochemistry. A better balance of neurotransmitters has several benefits, such as a better mood, a better truffle ceremony and therefore a better outcome.

In addition to our holistic approach, we also offer a lot of freedom in choosing dosage and additives. In general, most participants choose/receive about 15-75 grams of truffles with or without additives such as passion flower (psiloflora), blue lotus, cacao or banisteriopsis caapi (psilohuasca).

Location in South Holland

We make extensive use of our location in Schiedam, South Holland, for the truffle ceremonies. Schiedam is easily accessible and is close to Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague.

This space for psychedelic ceremonies is equipped for giving truffle sessions and truffle ceremonies. There are two private rooms and a large shared space for the ceremony to take place. The space is also filled with art to give the psychedelic sessions more depth and effectiveness.

Atmospheric shot location Schiedam

More about truffle ceremonies and psychedelics

If you want to read more about truffle ceremonies, how psychedelics work, how art influences the psychedelic journey and more fun blogs, we have already written a lot on our website. We hereby provide a number of fun and informative pages on these topics.