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Nathalie is unavailable

Due to personal circumstances, Nathalie is unavailable for individual psychedelic sessions for an indefinite period. Check out our other supervisors to see if you could be a match with another team member.

About me

My name is Nathalie. I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the Netherlands for my studies. My love for the culture, the country and the people has led me to learn Dutch and continue to live here.


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.

Tripsitter Nathalie

I have always been curious about new cultures, lifestyles and stories. This interest started when I was 12 and stayed with a family in America for the first time for a few weeks. Since then I have lived in Canada and Australia for several months. My language skills, both spoken and written, include Dutch, English and German.

I navigate through life with a thoughtful attitude and practice meditation, healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle. My interest extends to plant medicines, and I am particularly fascinated by the effects of cocoa. My position at the chocolate museum has given me insight into the positive effects such as more positive energy, mood and creativity. The effect of psychedelics also appeals to me enormously, and my interest started when I took a course on psychedelic medicine at university.

People often describe me as an enthusiastic person with an optimistic view on life. I view challenges as valuable learning moments.


I completed my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and obtained my Master's degree in Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology focuses on human flourishing, happiness, well-being and optimal functioning. If you imagine a scale from -10 to +10, traditional psychology focuses on moving people from a -10 to 0, positive psychology focuses on moving people closer to a +10 because problem-free (0) is not the same as optimal functioning (+10).

I have gained experience leading both individual and group interventions, using a 12-week positive psychology intervention. In this program the focus was on psychoeducation and behavior change. Through my experiences I have learned a lot about positive emotions and how people can be supported to discover their character strengths and talents and increasingly integrate them into their lives.

My interest in positive psychology has taught me that there are several paths to happiness and that the meaning of happiness can be different for everyone. In line with this, I believe that everyone has the strength and skill to find and walk their own path.

A training in positive health has introduced me to a scientifically tested conversation tool. This instrument helps you gain more insight into your own positive health, where mental well-being, meaning, quality of life, participation and daily functioning come together. I also see my own health as a combination of these factors.

Furthermore, I am trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction and I actively meditate in my free time as well.  

Based on my experiences and interests in effectively supporting and guiding people, I see psychedelics as a valuable instrument that can help people get closer to their goals. Psychedelics can create deeper insights into patterns and ultimately change consciousness.

My approach

Before the session, I invite you to complete the online intake form. This form can be found under 'Intake' of this website. You can choose to complete the form in Dutch or English. Based on this intake, you will receive lifestyle advice with background information and nutritional advice. The whole process starts with a focus on nutrition, which is an important first step in preparing for the session.

As your trip sitter, after you have received the lifestyle advice, I will contact you for an initial introduction. During the session itself, we first focus on the intention behind your wish to make this trip. This part is similar to psychotherapy. After taking the psychedelics, we will transition to a meditation or breathing exercise that suits your needs. You decide for yourself whether it feels good to sit, lie down or perhaps even walk a bit. As the effects unfold, communication will become less and your attention will focus entirely on the experience itself. Background music will help facilitate valuable insights that will bring you closer to your goal. During the decline in the effect of the psychedelics, we will gently re-engage in conversation. Together we will look at the experience and its meaning. This process is important to help you to integrate the insights and experiences into your consciousness.

*The session can take place in Dutch, English or German.

My own experience with psychedelics

My experience includes micro-doses, medium doses, and full doses of psychedelics. I have always been interested in how different substances matter for different intentions and experiences. From my own experience, I have seen that with a microdose I can continue with my daily activities, while at the same time paying more attention to the beauty of the world around me. At higher doses I have had deeper inner experiences.

What I consider valuable is that psychedelics provide access to the unconscious. From my background in psychology, I am used to talking about emotions and recognizing patterns. Psychedelics have helped me create deeper awareness and bring out patterns that I wasn't even aware of. This allowed me to integrate positive behavioral changes into my life.

In my opinion, it is not a panacea, but rather an instrument to gain deep insights and then integrate those yourself. I have a personal preference for journaling and this has helped me integrate my experiences. I view these experiences as opportunities to get closer to my goals and create changes in my life through integration. Moreover, this has broadened my perspective, allowing me to better understand the points of view of others. This has deepened my conversations with the people around me.

In general, I have learned to live more in the 'here and now', to accept things as they are or to make changes in my life. Moreover, this process has had a healing dimension for me.

Reviews about Nathalie

Customer reviews often give a better idea of how others experience Nathalie as a trip leader. If you are interested, read a few reviews to get multiple opinions and get an idea about Nathalie.

Book a session with Nathalie

Before you book a session with me, it is advisable to first complete the intake so that my colleague can see whether you can undergo a psychedelic session. You can find the intake via the button below.

Nathalie's working area

I work in the entire province of Limburg and a part of North Brabant. I use a maximum travel time for a single journey of 45 minutes. For the sessions at home, I come from my current place of residence in Maastricht, with travel costs of 50 cents per kilometer driven to and from the zip code 6211 Maastricht.

The places where I come to your home or hotel or AirBNB include:

Asten, Brunssum, Geleen, Heerlen, Horst, Landgraaf, Maastricht, Roermond, Sittard, Valkenburg, Venlo, Venray and Weert.

* According to current legislation, we can only offer psychedelic sessions within Dutch borders. It is legal for people from abroad, such as Belgium and Germany, to undergo psychedelic therapy in the Netherlands.

Possible sessions with Nathalie

Positive psychology does not work with complex syndromes. My work mainly involves ensuring that people function optimally. My psychedelic sessions are not psychotherapy against diseases, but a supplement for personal growth. I have been trained internally for psilocybin and MDMA sessions and I can give these sessions in Dutch, German (native language) and English.