Tripsitting is often seen as if it is something easy, but when using psychedelics it is always something that cannot be predicted. Preparing yourself well is always useful, but can you be prepared for everything? This blog is about my role as a tripsitter during a psychedelic trip of five Romanian friends.

Trip sitting or trip coaching?

My work usually consists more of trip coaching than trip sitting. With trip coaching there is usually a therapeutic goal and with trip sitting it seems that it is more for fun or curiosity. However, even with assignments that are requested as tripsit, situations arise that can be described as therapy. Especially during deeper trips, situations arise that can cause personal growth because a connection can be made with the subconscious. It is precisely there in the subconscious that there are often answers to questions that you did not know you had beforehand. This also happened with last Saturday's group.

The tripsitting session in Amsterdam

One of my Romanian friends asked me to act as a tripsitter. He had booked a hotel in the center of Amsterdam and he wanted to make his hotel room available to the group with the idea that it was for fun and a kind of introduction to getting to know psychedelics. I prefer to use psychedelics as a therapeutic agent, but I still agreed to help this group. So last Saturday the time had come and I traveled to the Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam.

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You can also organize a truffle ceremony in hotels

From tripsitting to ceremony

We started with a low dose of psilocybin and during the training phase I was able to entertain everyone by bringing games. After about an hour, the group wanted to experience more of the ceremony as I usually organize it. This was because no one was afraid anymore of what might happen. So the tension was gone. We then increased the dose of psilocybin slightly. So ultimately the trip changed from something done for fun to something deeper where we had to deal with terms such as the urge for perfection and old pains. This way, this trip still has a therapeutic effect.

The dynamics of the group

The dynamics of the group this blog is about was very good. This provided peace and trust and the space to be who someone is. If you ever want to undergo a truffle ceremony yourself, put together your own group and keep it small. We at can advise and guide you.

Our tripsitter services

We always try to do more than just tripsitting. If you need to work on a specific goal, such as depression, anxiety or other complaints, we can also make a personal plan with support before, during and after the trip.

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