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Psilocybin under the guidance of a therapist or psychologist

Psilocybin session under supervision

Table of contents

The structure of a guided psilocybin session

After the preparatory phase and before the integration phase of a psilocybin therapy process, the psilocybin session takes place under supervision. This session starts with an introductory conversation in which the therapist explains the structure of the day and intention setting is done. After this initial conversation of approximately 45 minutes, the psilocybin is taken in the form of magic truffles. It usually takes another 15 to 30 minutes before the first effects are visible. As soon as talking becomes more difficult, we move on to the introspective phase. After passing the peak, the conversation gradually starts again and you can actively work on the set goals again together with the therapist.

What is the role of guidance with psilocybin?

The supervisor present has various tasks during the psilocybin session. The main job is to keep the customer/client safe and help with any need. The second task is to help achieve goals by using knowledge and skills in the therapeutic field. A good therapist will direct a portion for the peak effects, let the peak happen as it goes and focus on personal growth again after the peak.

Is a trained psychologist or therapist better?

For a group of our clients, a trained therapist with a mental health background can be a great advantage. Psilocybin mixes well with regular forms of therapy such as psychotherapy. The great thing about psilocybin is that at higher doses, the healing reported by customers does not come from the conversations, but from the peak spiritual experience. You can also or sometimes better achieve the latter without a trained mental health therapist. Furthermore, psilocybin works as an anti-inflammatory in the brain and you don't need a psychologist for that potential anti-depressant effect.

Still, having a trained therapist on hand can be more helpful than someone who only offers you physical safety, such as a trip sitter. Processing emotions and influencing behavior can become smoother and more effective thanks to a therapist. Confidence in someone's study background also allows you to experience more peace during the session, which ensures a deeper trip and better results.

Do you choose a psychologist or expert?

We have several guides to choose from for a guided psilocybin trip. In our opinion, with psilocybin sessions, the amount of experience is more important than the education. This is different with MDMA because an MDMA session is more focused on talk therapy. With psilocybin under supervision, having a safe feeling with your supervisor is more important than anything else. If level of education plays a role in this, choose a therapist with experience.

Who would you like to be guided by?

Which supervisor suits you best? We have both male and female supervisors from different backgrounds. Our supervisors/therapists can make a home visit as long as it is within Dutch borders and within the range of their distance restrictions. For this on-site service you can use your own home, holiday home, private Airbnb or hotel.