What is psilohuasca?

The name psilohuasca is similar to the name ayahuasca and this is because, just like ayahuasca, MAOi or in other words MAO inhibitors are used in combination with psychedelics. The psychedelic DMT is used with ayahuasca and psilocybin (truffles or magic mushrooms) with psilohuasca. However, we are not in favor of heavy MAO inhibitors because this entails additional risk.

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Our psilohuasca is different

We do not use a strong MAO inhibitor when we prepare psilohuasca. We do this because health and safety comes first. As an alternative to the well-known MAO inhibitors, we use the soothing plant passiflora incarnata. The passiflora incarnata has the least risk increase compared to the profit you can achieve with it during the trip. To limit the risks, you must take an adapted diet into account.

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Disadvantage compared to psilocybin

In psilocybin ceremonies, the MAO inhibitory functions of the passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) are not used. Without MAO inhibitors there are fewer contraindications and that is the biggest advantage of using only truffles or magic mushrooms without MAO inhibitors. There is much less risk.

Benefits of the passion flower

The advantage of using passion flower is that less mushroom or truffle is initially needed to achieve the same trip level. Compared to other commonly used MAO inhibitors, passion flower has a much milder effect, which means the risks are lower (but take the safety regulations seriously). The benefits of the passion flower are:

  • Soothing effect
  • Deeper trip (trip level 5)
  • Longer trip (up to 8 hours)
  • Clear trip
  • More visual trip

In addition to the improving effect of a psychedelic trip, passiflora incarnata is also sometimes used without psychedelics against ADHD, nervousness, nervous heart complaints, Parkinson's disease, seizures, muscle cramps, hysteria, hypertension, PMS, epilepsy, skin disorders, hemorrhoids, burns, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, infections and as a painkiller for many ailments. Also for problems associated with menopause. It is also used as a means to reduce the effects of alcoholism, to facilitate quitting drinking and is also used for delirium tremens.

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The psilohuasca ceremony

Most psilohuasca ceremonies that we supervise are individual. The individual ceremonies have the most impact because we create a plan of action that is personal. We do more than just guide people during a psilohuasca ceremony. We believe that a healthy body provides a healthy basis for being psychologically healthy. We do everything we can to address all facets of life and that is why we also advise our customers on nutrition, exercise and supplements. The complete approach for body and mind ensures the best results in the short and long term. Typically, we use a schedule that looks like this for most customers:

  1. Registration, neurotransmitter test and intake
  2. Advice about nutrition, exercise and supplements based on point 1
  3. Review a period of 2-3 weeks of progress from point 2
  4. An individual psilohuasca ceremony (unless a group is additionally useful or preferred)
  5. Debriefing of the trip and insights on the same day
  6. We will keep in touch for 1 to 2 weeks to integrate the insights

Multiple people at the same time

In some cases, guiding a group is also possible. If there is additional benefit in participating in a psilohuasca ceremony together, this can be done in consultation. We will never place you with strangers, so you can put together your own group. The size of a group can be a maximum of 4 people.

Extras during psilohuasca ceremony

The psilohuasca ceremony includes the following extras to make the experience even better:

  • Individual guidance psilohuasca ceremony
  • Aromatherapy (during trip)
  • Color therapy (during trip)
  • Musical support
  • NLP

To book

Before you make a reservation with us, please read the following page with contraindications:

Contraindications psilohuasca | Reservations and prices