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Psychedelic coaching

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

Coaching with psychedelics

The number of coaches in the Netherlands is shockingly high and these coaches have discovered a new hype. Coaching people under the influence of psychedelics, with truffles being used most often, is the new trend. We call it psychedelic coaching! This service is seen as hiring a tripsitter where the tripsitter also encourages you as a coach to work on a specific theme. Will the rise of the psychedelic coach follow the same path as the coach?

Are tripsitters and psychedelic coaches different?

A tripsitter is a person who is present to help, support and guide someone undergoing a psychedelic experience. For example, trip sitters can provide a safe and comfortable environment, or help calm the person if they are experiencing anxiety or panic. Typically, tripsitters are not trained to work in a therapeutic manner, but their role can be invaluable in helping a person get through a difficult experience.

The same applies to the psychedelic coach, but a coach can be trained in the coaching profession. How well a coach can coach depends on the experience and training received as a coach. However, many of these coaching courses are not worth much. So it is good to find out which coach and with what background will suit you well.

The most commonly used psychedelics for coaching

Below we list which psychedelics are used in most psychedelic sessions. For both group sessions and individual sessions, these are the most common:

1: Truffle coaching

Magic truffles are often used in psychedelic coaching because they provide the perfect balance between ego loss, spiritual connection and visual perceptions. By using the magic truffles, people can gain deeper insight into themselves, their thoughts and their emotions. The psychoactive substances in the truffles ensure that you enter a different state of consciousness, which helps to break through the blockages and patterns in the brain.

In psychedelic coaching, the truffles are used to stimulate personal growth and development. The psychedelic coach guides the client through the process and ensures a safe environment. In addition, through the visual observations and spiritual experiences, the client can gain a deeper understanding of their life goals and priorities. In addition to high doses, it is also suitable for microdosing.

2: MDMA coaching

MDMA coaching is less popular than truffle coaching because MDMA is often associated with recreational drug use and is less known as a therapeutic agent. In contrast, truffles, which are legal in the Netherlands, have become increasingly popular as a therapeutic agent in coaching and psychological treatments.

However, MDMA coaching can be very helpful in reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and in some cases depression. It helps individuals experience feelings of empathy and openness, making it easier to discuss and resolve certain issues in their lives. Furthermore, it can help the client better understand themselves and improve their interactions with others. Furthermore, MDMA coaching also works well for couples who want to work on their relationship.

3: LSD coaching

LSD is generally less often chosen for psychological counseling due to the long-lasting effect of the substance. Since the effects of LSD last approximately 8 to 12 hours, it may be difficult to have a conversation with the patient during this period, which may be important for psychological treatment.

Despite this, LSD is still used in psychological treatment because it can help treat certain problems, such as anxiety disorders and depression. In addition, LSD may also help investigate the therapeutic effects of psychedelics and understand the biological basis of personality and mood disorders. If such effects are carefully managed and monitored by a qualified therapist, LSD can be a useful tool in psychological treatment.

A trip therapy session?

We have helped more than 2,000 people seeking relief and healing. Over the years, Triptherapie has established itself as the most experienced organization in the Netherlands when it comes to organizing psychedelic sessions. The sessions we organize are carried out under our supervision and our staff according to our protocol. This ensures the highest levels of safety and efficiency. We provide the best possible experience that can help participants achieve their goals. We ask every new customer to complete the intake and based on the intake we can indicate whether the psychedelic session can take place and we base the personal advice on this intake. Complete the intake without obligation!

Who would you like to have a psychedelic session with?

It is important to choose a counselor, coach or therapist that suits you. Maybe you don't want a coach, but a trained psychologist, an expert or simply someone who makes you feel safe. Take a look through our profiles and consider whether we are a match.

Marcel the experience specialist with a (bio)chemical background and has already guided more than 1800 psychedelic sessions. Loes has been employed part-time for two years and is studying Vitalogy to support you in addition to the psychological side of a healthy mind. Nathalie has the right knowledge with her Master's degree in positive psychology. And Ronald is an experienced psychosocial therapist who, in addition to experience with psychedelic therapy, also has a lot of experience with regular therapy.


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