Psychedelic therapy

Triptherapie offers psychedelic therapy throughout the Netherlands thanks to our at-home service. In this blog we will describe how we want to expand our psychedelic sessions as home visits and how we want to deploy a better national network of psychologists to reduce the number of kilometers driven in the car.

Would you like to know which psychedelic therapy we offer and whether MDMA, psilocybin, truffles, ayahuasca and LSD can be used legally? Then view our page about psychedelic therapy.

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Our vision for the future

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is becoming increasingly accepted and there is also increasing demand for trip therapy. We currently work with six people at this great company, which has already provided the means for more than 2,200 people to undergo a psychedelic session.

When Marcel started using his holistic vision of making psychedelics part of a healthy life 13 years ago to make people physically healthier, Triptherapie has mainly grown in recent years as a company that helps people who want to work on mental health. Because physical and mental health are intertwined, we have never abandoned the original vision.

Keeping up with the times and changes to be ready for the future

The market for psychedelic therapy has been changing dramatically over the last 3 years, and future regulation will most likely push psychedelic therapy into the Mental Health Care (Mental Health) category. This will mean that psychedelic therapy may only be reserved for mental health psychologists or under the supervision of such a medically trained therapist. Although good psychedelic therapy is not necessarily necessary, it has its pros and cons.

In order to meet future demands, we have been busy recruiting the right staff of the future. We have already trained a few therapists/psychologists and we are in the process of recruiting even more qualified staff.

Our vision for the future is therefore still to provide holistic care, which does not only look at the psyche. The latest developments have ensured that we want to merge mental health care and holistic psychedelic therapy. We also want to leave the customer the choice in the future to opt for the medical approach, which is fully covered by future regulations, and the non-medical treatment. With this split we can clients who find a classic mental health care approach better and customers who have lost confidence in symptom-fighting mental health care.

Nationwide network

With the exception of the Wadden Islands, we can currently offer a psychedelic session to everyone in the Netherlands at the customer's location. At the moment, the distribution of trip guides is not yet completely optimal and we mainly have staff in the Randstad and North Brabant. To shorten travel distance and time, emit less CO2 and keep travel costs low, at least three therapists will be added this year. These would then come from the provinces of Groningen, Overijssel and Limburg for an on-site session. An overview of our staff can be seen on the map.

Psychedelic therapy at home -Psychedelic therapy throughout the Netherlands
GuideMax. Travel durationFrom zip code
Marcel120 minutes2211 BM Noordwijkerhout
Janneke45 minutes3137RL Vlaardingen
Loes45 minutes5691 RK
Son and Breugel
Ronald45 minutes5554 SH
Gijs45 minutes5231 EC Den Bosch
Sascha60 minutes1404 HC Bussum

The most chosen psychedelics

The most commonly chosen psychedelic for psychedelic therapy is psilocybin comes first and second MDMA. In the Netherlands, these can still be used legally for non-medical treatments when using magic truffles and MDMA analogues. The fact that psilocybin and MDMA are the most commonly chosen is due to the fact that, according to scientific research, MDMA works very well against trauma and PTSD. Psilocybin is often used for depression and various anxiety complaints.

Psilocybin therapy

About 75% of our customers choose psilocybin as a psychedelic for individual sessions.

Psilocybin is expected to be the most commonly used psychedelic for psychedelic therapy due to its versatility and effectiveness for depression.

MDMA therapy

When it comes to individual MDMA sessions, 20% of our customers choose MDMA.

As long as working with MDMA analogues remains legal, we expect this percentage to continue to increase. MDMA is gaining popularity because of its effectiveness against anxiety and PTSD.

More choice of psychedelic therapists

We can conclude that our vision of the future is more therapists spread across the Netherlands and more qualified staff. This way we can offer psychedelic therapy throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to have a psychedelic session with one of us now? Then complete the intake without obligation and we will let you know whether we have been able to detect any contraindications.

Overview of psychedelic therapists

Which supervisor suits you best? We have both male and female supervisors from different backgrounds. Our supervisors/therapists can make a home visit as long as it is within Dutch borders and within the range of their distance restrictions. For this on-site service you can use your own home, holiday home, private Airbnb or hotel.