Holland is our workplace

Because of our home service, we can serve you anywhere in the Netherlands. Thus, we can set up and supervise individual and group ceremonies on site. So you can use your own home, a home of acquaintances, an Airbnb property or even a room of a hotel.

At home

For most clients requesting an individual or small-scale ceremony with acquaintances, this option is chosen most often. Costs are lower because there is no need to rent. Other benefits experienced are particularly the peace and convenience of not having to travel. Especially after the psychedelic ceremony, not having to travel is a plus. For many, it is also pleasant to do a psychedelic ceremony in one's own familiar surroundings. After all, anything that brings tranquility makes for a better psychedelic journey.


The popularity of Airbnb has increased significantly in recent years. Airbnb is being used more and more by our clients. Especially our clients from abroad use Airbnb and let us visit there. The advantages are that people can just stay overnight after the ceremony and there is always something to find regardless of the size of a group.


Booking your own hotel and having the ceremony take place there in the hotel room is also an option. This is done less than the previous options. Hotel rooms usually accommodate 1 to 2 people at a time.

Our availability

You can use the module below to see what our current availability is and reserve a date if necessary. This allows you to take into account our availability while making a booking if you still need to.


Travel distance and parking costs

To reduce the call-out fee, please book something in our area. We charge 50 cents per km driven from your companion's start location. Learn more about the chaperones and start location via our trip chaperones' pages.

Coming by yourself

Visiting in person is also possible at our locations. Below you can find more information about these locations specially set up for psychedelic sessions.

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam

The Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam is a beautiful space for psychedelic therapy and for spiritual journeys. The space can accommodate 1-6 people and is located near Rotterdam.

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Watervilla Inspire Amsterdam

Watervilla Inspire is located on the Amstel River in Amsterdam and, because of its multiple rooms, is suitable for individual sessions as well as small groups with everyone having their own space.

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Watervilla Excellent Amsterdam

Watervilla Excellent in Amsterdam on the Amstel River is suitable for individual therapeutic sessions where you can use your own room during the session.

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Prices psychedelic ceremony

You can see the prices of our various services through the following link.

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Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions please contact us. The following link allows you to contact us through multiple ways.



With a (bio)chemical study background and a passion for health, I combine my knowledge of nutrition, supplements, naturopathy, exercise, psychology and psychedelics into a total approach for treating psychological and psychosomatic disorders/complaints. Discovering how the body and mind are connected through the biochemical and electrochemical processes is a very big interest for me which also helps me to improve psychedelic therapy.