You can use our tripsitter service that we offer at our location and your location. If you would like to hire us to guide your psychedelic trip, we will do more than just what people expect from a professional tripsitter. In addition to offering a safe environment, we will also consider the intention of the psychedelic trip.

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Reason for tripping

Psychedelic travel and tripping mean the same thing. Sometimes the word usage can mean something about the intention of the trip. Both terms are used for a therapeutic setting. Psychedelic travel is often seen as a spiritual experience. In addition to the therapeutic approach, tripping is often also used as something done for pleasure or to experience it once.

We do more than just tripsitting

About 7 out of 10 of our clients use our services as a therapeutic tool. A smaller group mainly has a spiritual intention and the smallest group uses our services for the experience or fun. Of course, there are also mixed intentions. See the graph below for the breakdown of the main reason for having a psychedelic experience through us.

Trip therapy

We call those processes that are intended for the therapeutic effect trip therapy. These are the most common complaints from those customers (in order of most registrations).

  1. Depression
  2. Burnout
  3. Social anxiety
  4. Addictions
  5. PTSD
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Still only need a tripsitter?

For those who want to take a psychedelic trip and only need a tripsitter, we can still offer you something extra. Would it turn out during a spiritual or fun trip that more support is needed than expected? We have a lot of experience with various therapeutic psychedelic journeys and we can use our knowledge when necessary. During a psychedelic trip guided by us, we bring some extras with us. The following legal psychedelics are included in our services:

  • Truffles (psilocybin)
  • Psiloflora (psilocybin + mild MAO inhibitor)

The other extras that give the trip an extra dimension are:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Music based on intention
  • Color lamp

We create a ceremony for you

Thanks to all the extras and an intention-based approach, we will create a ceremony for you. We can do this at your location and at our location.

Read more about this here our on-site service

Do you want a great experience with people you know? Put together your own group of 3-6 people and come to the psychedelic loft in Schiedam. This loft was specially created for psychedelic travel.

Read more about this here the Psychedelic Loft

Psiloflora or truffle ceremony?

Read more about the ceremonies and psychedelics we offer via the links.

Truffle ceremony

Psiloflora ceremony

Extended psiloflora ceremony

Do you want to purchase your own psychedelics and would you like to hire us as a tripsitter? Please contact us via the following options.

Contact via chat apps

Nowadays chatting via chat apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram the easiest way to have quick contact. The telephone number we use for these chat apps is 0640898455.

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Contact via email

Although e-mail is used less and less often, you can of course also use it via email e-mail to contact us. You can email us at the following email address.

Contact by telephone

Would you rather call? You can also reach us by telephone number 0640898455. In the event that we are unable to assist you, you can request us to call you via the option above.