Individual truffle sessions in North Brabant

We have two supervisors available for an individual truffle session in North Brabant. They live in the area around Eindhoven and work throughout North Brabant. Our trip sitters and therapists are experienced and trained in guiding truffle sessions and ensure safe and comfortable conditions during the session. With us you can choose either a male or female supervisor, which is an advantage if someone feels safer with one of the two genders.

Our trip guides in North Brabant

Ronald and Loes are our supervisors truffle sessions in North Brabant. In addition to truffle therapy, Ronald also offers MDMA therapy. Loes currently only works with psychedelic magic truffles. Ronald and Loes can conduct the sessions in Dutch and English.


Truffle session North Brabant - Ronald

Thanks to the following courses, I have learned a lot to be able to work with people who suffer from trauma-related complaints. This gives me the necessary experience, vision and approach to work carefully in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Jungian Philosophical Therapist. This training in depth psychology has taught me, among other things, to interpret the symbols from the unconscious, which can arise during a trip experience, where necessary and to integrate them into daily life.

Psychodrama Therapist Psychodrama. In the program Zomergasten, Bessel van der Kolk, an authority in trauma processing, explains that psychodrama, and Mindfulness, which I will come back to later, is one of the methods for working effectively on trauma processing. To train myself even better in this, I took the in-depth training TSM Therapeutic Spiral Model. This is an integration of classical psychodrama, attachment theory and recent developments in interpersonal neurobiology and trauma theory

Master Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology and Internal Family System (IFS). These two psychotherapeutic courses offer clear and very helpful models to work with, before, during and after the PAT or Trip session. IFS appears to be one of the most helpful and psychotherapeutic modalities to work in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Mindfulness and Compassion Trainer. These methods are also very helpful in amplifying the power of working with psychedelics. Both mindfulness and self-compassion skills are supportive before, during and after the trip session.


Loes trip therapy

Thanks to various training and experiences, I have knowledge about work & health and our overall vitality. How vital we feel depends on various factors and can be approached from various angles, all of which are interrelated. Consider the physical, psychological, social and spiritual approaches.

I am particularly specialized in coaching aimed at (re)discovering (mental) resilience and resilience, using one's own resources, on the way to more energy.

Our mindset, dealing with emotions (coping and regulation), our body and our own resources can all be used as a navigation system. Using these tools carefully allows you to deal differently with challenges that come your way.

When you are ready to break through the lens of repetitive patterns, see through conditioning and turn inward, you will embark on your personal development journey. During this development journey, my knowledge and experience make it possible to work carefully with psychedelics as a supporting agent.

*As an accredited Vitalogue (vitality advisor and vitality coach), my knowledge has been supplemented with a number of certifications such as NLP, WELL, Disc & Drijfveren and TMA.

The working area in North Brabant

Both Ronald and Loes can make a home visit for the truffle sessions. They come to homes in the following places/cities:

Baarle, Best, Breda, Capelle, Chaam, Den Bosch, Deurne, Eindhoven, Galder, Geldrop, Gemert, Gilze, Hank, Heesch, Helmond, Heusden, Kaatsheuvel, Mierlo, Oirschot, Oosterhout, Ommel, Oss, Rijen, Strijbeek, Tiel , Tilburg, Uden, Valkenswaard, Veghel, Venray and Waalwijk.

If you fall outside the working area of our supervisors, you can choose to rent accommodation near the desired supervisor or choose one of our other employees such as Marcel from South Holland or Nathalie from Limburg. We charge a fee of 50 cents per kilometer driven and it is therefore advisable to take the departure location of the various employees into account.

Would you like a truffle session?

Would you like to do a truffle session with one of our team? The first step we must complete is to check whether there are any contraindications. We can help with this and we therefore have an intake procedure that you can follow. You can find more information about the intake and the truffle sessions via the links below.