MDMA and psilocybin are drugs?

As of July 1, 2023, the status of psilocybin and MDMA will change from illegal drugs to medicine in Australia. This opens the door for more research and therapy with these drugs. Australia is the first country in this and is now taking the lead. This gives people with depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD a better chance of a livable life.

MDMA psilocybin Australia -MDMA and psilocybin classified as drugs in Australia

Unfortunately, the Netherlands is slow with this development, but fortunately in the Netherlands we can work with psilocybin without interruption through the use of magic truffles. In that respect, Australia is not the first country where psilocybin therapy is possible, but they are the first to classify psilocybin as a medicine. For MDMA, MDMA therapy has always been possible in the Netherlands, but with a legal MDMA analogue.

When are MDMA and psilocybin considered medicines in the Netherlands?

We do not know exactly when MDMA and psilocybin will be given medicine status according to the law. In the article below from 2019, we predicted that we expected legalization in 2025

Forecast of legalization of psychedelic therapy

We estimated the forecast for legalization of MDMA in 2022 at 2024. See also this message:

Forecast of legalization of MDMA therapy

In the Netherlands it may therefore take longer before we can expect full legalization. Perhaps now it will help other countries set a good example. Our forecasts therefore remain unchanged at this time.

At Triptherapie you can already legally undergo an MDMA or psilocybin session

At the time of writing, we at Triptherapie have helped more than 1,800 clients to legally undergo a psychedelic session. We help from preparation to integration of the session. The website has only been around for 5 years, but our work started at least 5 years before that. Since then, we have been the market leader for individual sessions and we have a lot of experience with psilocybin and LSD sessions and we are pioneering by offering legal MDMA sessions as early as 2022.

Would you like to do an MDMA session or a psilocybin session with us? We screen our registrations for security. Not everyone can just do a session because some combinations with medications or conditions can be dangerous. Would you like a screening and advice without obligation about what kind of session and dosage you could do? Then complete the intake via the link below:

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