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Regulated MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is getting closer

MDMA crystals

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State Commission on MDMA during therapy

The potential benefits of using MDMA in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are becoming increasingly researched and known to the general public. The State Commission that updates and advises the cabinet on making the decision to classify MDMA as a medicine advises to make MDMA available as quickly as possible for the treatment of PTSD. The committee concludes after extensive research that treatment with MDMA in a clinical, controlled setting is not only safe and effective, but that it also shows promising results. Because MDMA is currently still illegal, and more research is needed and guidelines need to be drawn up, it may take some time before you can undergo an MDMA session with a doctor's referral.

When is MDMA psychotherapy possible?

MDMA assisted psychotherapy or MDMA psychotherapy stands for MDMA sessions with the guidance of one or more psychotherapists. Psychotherapists are currently not allowed to work with MDMA, because it is on list 1 of the Opium Act and because MDMA sessions may not be performed as medical treatments until they have been approved. We expect that these MDMA psychotherapy sessions will only become available as medical treatment with (partial) reimbursement in 2025 or 2026. We expect to be able to tell you more about this in the coming months.

MDMA therapy with analog is legal

There is currently a way to do comparable MDMA sessions. To legal MDMA therapy In order to offer this, there are two things that we must take into account. First we are not allowed to work with MDMA, but with a legal analogue of MDMA. This analogue has virtually the same effect, the anxiolytic (anxiolytic) value is even higher and the risk profile is the same. Secondly, these MDMA sessions should not replace medical treatment or be used to 'cure'. So by using legal analogues and not promoting the sessions as medical treatments, we can already anticipate the future legalization of MDMA.

MDMA therapy via Triptherapy

At Triptherapie we have been offering MDMA sessions since 2022. We have gained a lot of experience with psilocybin sessions, which means we have years of experience with psychedelic consciousness. This means we have the most experience of all providers in the Netherlands when it comes to MDMA therapy. Still, it is important to feel good about choosing an MDMA therapist. Do you choose someone who has supervised many psychedelic sessions or do you prefer a trained therapist? We offer you the choice to choose someone who suits you. Read more about MDMA therapy or view our therapists via the buttons.

Why we already offer MDMA sessions

Our customers who have previously completed a truffle session with us are often enthusiastic about our services. Some of them asked us if we could also offer the same kind of sessions with MDMA. After various legal alternatives and internal testing with various substances, we have chosen to work with our current MDMA analogue. Our first customers who asked us to do this were very satisfied and felt this was a huge help. Partly thanks to positive feedback and the possibility of offering it legally, we have decided to officially and openly offer MDMA sessions through Trip Therapy.

MDMA therapy experiences

Customer experiences provide more insight into how MDMA therapy is experienced. Via the button to the reviews you can read more than 200 experiences from our customers.

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